How can my ex husband, who abandoned our 14yo daughter, post pics of him with another womans children?

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My husband of 20 years left our only child and myself because he was unhappy. He didn't just simply move down the street. He moved 4 states away, completely withdrawing from our 14 yo daughters life. He used to coach her in weight lifting and they enjoyed boating and fishing together. 

Now that he is gone he sees her about 1-2 weeks a year...all days collectively. Less now that she is older. They primarily communicate via text. She misses him dearly but has put up walls that she is fine and is happy for his new life. 

My heart breaks for her, even now 4 yrs later, when he or the current girlfriend posts pictures of him with her children doing family activities together. Where he once coached her in weight lifting, he now has posted pics of him and other teenaged girls he coaches. Or him and the others he has taken boating or fishing. She likes all the pictures but walks around hollow. Those should be of them. Of her! 

I believe him to be a narcissist. But how could any parent walk away from their only child...for a happier life, then show her via social media that he actually is now happier?

Its cruel and heartless. Why dont these women he dates find it strange that he is in posts with another family on my daughters birthday?? Or allow them to post of him with her family while our daughter looks on like a random follower? 

This is such a heart wrenching situation. Talking to him doesn't help. He says she is fine and really likes the girlfriend and her kids. He is delusional. She would say anything to ensure he stays "happy" even at the risk of her own happiness.

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