Is it okay to date your Ex best friends Ex husband?

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 I recently went through a terrible breakup with an abusive narcissistic cheater, who just so happens to be a friend of a new interest, whom also happens to be my ex best friends ex husband. He provided me the information to catch my boyfriend of 7 years cheating, he was also the one consoling me and talking me through the stages of grief I have felt. After knowing everything I went through with my ex, he admitted that he’s had a crush on me for a few years and I have grown to like him a lot. My ex best friend and him have been divorced for 3 years, separated for 4. We haven’t been friends or even on talkable terms due to a situation that arose with my ex boyfriend for over a year? I feel terrible but I also can’t help but like him and the feeling is very much so mutual... am I wrong? Is this okay? I am so confused. 
Hmmm in my opinion give it a slow try and see where it leads. You can move in when you are sure of the compatibility between you two.

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