How do I deal with this issue?

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I am married for 9+ years and have kids. My husband follows a guru since his college days and shares any tension or worry with her and not with me. He shares with her including bedroom secrets. I did follow her few years...she extracts all info from us about family, friends, money etc.., I did share with her I watch porn videos and like watching old n young genre coz old people look at young ones preciously and I like that feeling. Now she is telling me that I am attracted to her husband who is 50+ and mentally torturing me saying what if my husband gets to know about it. I did tell her I don't have any such feelings about her still she says I am lying and she can see my inner. 


The best way is to talk to your husband. Until and unless you will not share it likely possible that she blackmail you. Rather your husband get to know from her you should let first.

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