Can google replace your GURU?

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Can google replace your GURU?

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In today’s world, Google is our solution to everything. Whether we are looking for a new recipe or going through an existential crisis, Google is the first thing we turn to or even think of turning to. While it may be capable of offering solutions to many or perhaps most of our problems, there is one aspect where this search engine fails to perform, and that is offering a human touch. Hence, I do not believe that it can replace a Guru or can even be justifiably compared to one. Google may offer solutions but do you think it understands you? It may have the answer to your every question but can it ascertain what is it that you need at a certain point in your life? It is merely a machine which gives out options. Does it show you the right path when you need it to? I guess not! Therefore, surely the internet and technology has evolved by leaps and bounds in the past few years and continuous to do so but I do not believe we are there yet where human touch, feelings, emotions and understandings can be replaced by a software, machine or a search engine.

The willingness to learn can take a big hit when you discover that your role model the one you have looked up to all your life is not the one you thought he is. This can seriously make us at odds with ourselves and make us feel like fools as we overestimated the real worth of the person we were looking up to. A man who has no vices is rare as even the best among us indulge in some wicked behavior that is contradictory to the image and reputation which they are widely recognized for. Google presents an alternative as it can dole out information anonymously and tell us how to complete a certain task or achieve a set goal with a series of steps. It can use the most accomplished person in that field to depict the steps that must be repeated and use a filter to exclude data that tells us about the wicked behavior if any of that person seems great as it can make you an error free person who achieves perfection quickly and becomes a highly skilled person in the field which he/she undertakes. You can not only search objectively but about emotional and psychological things well, goggling whatever you want to know about the current state of mind you are in and how are you feeling s right now and how will they pan out in the future. It’s all there? Everything is there drawn up into hard facts telling the truth about people and things not keeping anything from you as everything is well within reach. The problem is that we cannot bond with google the way we can with our guru as he has lived his life and experiences all the series of steps and done the things you want to do first-hand. This has empowered him with practical experience and real feelings that google cannot impart only because google does not have hands and legs and a heart. Google is a host for human feelings and data which is fed into it by us human beings and is accessible by all but not necessarily admired or followed. A guru helps us translate that motivation into results as we have someone we can share our emotions with and get direct feedback instead of entering everything we can think of and type. At our most primal self we need a personal connection with a person so that we can connect with the appreciation of audience and other people as we will feel disconnected with praise if it doesn’t come from a person who has seen us struggle and ultimately grow.

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