Google Assistant Vs Siri: The Battles Of The Two Assistants

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Google Assistant Vs Siri: The Battles Of The Two Assistants

The personal assistants on iPhones and some Android phones have been at war for some time now. The competition between Siri and Google Assistant seems to be never-ending, with new updates enhancing the skills of both.

While Siri has expanded majorly with better learning capabilities after the new updates, Google has been planning to provide a successor to its Google search with Google Assistant.

A lot has gone in the process to comprehend that Google Assistant is younger than Siri, however, is it smarter than the latter is a question to ponder upon?

Check out the list below to find out for yourself.

#1. Weather

When you ask the weather forecast from any of them, the response is rather quick. Siri drops down a chart of the weather forecast whereas Google Assistant reads out the current temp and highs and low for the day.

(Image Courtesy: Beebom)

#2. Calculations

Who needs the calculator now when both the assistants are successful in giving the right answers to every mathematical equation? On testing the same, it was discovered that the speed of responses is also the same in both the cases, leading on believing that both the assistants can solve complex as well as simple equations with ease. 

#3. Opening Apps

There is no significant difference in opening apps either. Both Assistants opens the apps in almost the same time. You just name it, and they will open it for you. Get, Set, Play!!

(Image Courtesy: BGR)

#4. Setting Timers and Alarms

There’s no way you are getting any extra sleep with these Assistants around. They were able to set timers and alarms easily and with the same speed when compared to one another. 

#5. Geographical Locations and Reminders

Finding your perfect weekend gateway will no more be a large piece of confusing map. Both Assistants are good with setting reminders with location information. Not just that, when asked to show “home,” both of them shows the desired results at the same speed. 

(Image Courtesy: Macworld)

#6. Business Related Information

Your midnight cravings will now have a place to be savored, right on your Google map with the help of Siri or Google Assistant. On searching for business related information, both assistants returned with the desired results about the work place address and their time of operation. 

#7. Stock Information

When asked about the current stock price of SBI, both assistants returned with the correct results. While Siri came up with a financial chart with the desired answer; Google Assistant directly read out the stock price.

#8. Generic Questions

When one asks a simpler question like “what is aging”, the assistants are quick with their responses in the same time. However, when you ask a specific question like “who is the Prime Minister of India”, you will notice a difference. While Google Assistant answers the name of the leader ie Narendra Modi, Siri pops open a Bing web search.

(Image Courtesy: VOA news)

#9. Contextual Questions

Siri is not as good as Google Assistant when it comes to contextual questions. If you follow 'Who is the Prime Minister of India' with another question about his age, it will state the correct age of the leader. However, Siri gets all confused and begins to prompt other questions and vague sentences.

#10. Song Related Questions

While Google may be good with contextual questions, Siri has an upper hand in song related questions. If you ask for some information related to a song, Siri will answer with the right answer. However, Google Assistant will fail miserable in this sector. 

(Image Courtesy: The Verge)

#11. Picture Search

They both seem to be efficient with their image search results. When asked to look for a picture of a dog, Siri popped down Bing Image results while Google Assistant shared photos of owners with their pets.

#12. Personality

When it comes to sense of humor, Google Assistant is the winner. When asked to tell jokes, Google Assistant cracked up some hilarious jokes whereas Siri couldn't match up to that level.

(Image Courtesy: Gizbot)

#13. Written Conversations

This one is a game changer because Google Assistant lets you type your queries too, unlike Siri with whom you will have to speak to ask. It sometimes gets embarrassing in public.

The Conclusion

After all the comparisons, it was noted that Google Assistant is more audio-based and conversational. It reads out the answers and displays very little additional information. On the other hand, Siri is more visual-based, it provides the user with plenty of responses in forms of charts and reports.

Which one do you like more? Let us know in the comment section below.

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