How do I find Windows 10 Support Number?

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How do I find Windows 10 Support Number?

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Dear Reader,
Thank you for posting the query here. On browsing through the various help lines, we came across certain services and support centers.
#1. Microsoft Customer Service
The customer service and support center is always at your disposal. You can contact the customer service to solve your queries. They will help you to clear all your confusion and qualms regarding anything. A team would help you to answer you the support number under the Microsoft Representative. Users can contact Phone or Chat option.

#2. Microsoft Technical Support
Here they provide you with all solutions related to your technical doubts and glitches. It may be self-help support or somebody will assist you in knowing the Windows 10 support number. Either they will locate the suitable team to answer your question or provide you with some number which you have to contact directly. Microsoft has come up with easy solutions now for solving the problems of customers. You can get Windows 10 support number. The process is very east as you just have to chat with the Microsoft with the help of built-in Contact Support App. You can chat online with the help of this app to the staff member of Microsoft who will help you out. You also get the chance to call back with the help of this Contact Support App.

Microsoft Answer Desk is a technical support site that will help you to connect with a Microsoft support executive. The simplest way is to contact Microsoft Customer Support Center at Phone Number - 1 800-642-7676
In this age of social media, people do not like to call someone personally. They like to put their queries and pose their questions on social media. You can do this online as well. If you want to get the support number of Windows 10, you can contact with them on Twitter, their official account is @MicrosoftHelps

Well, among many options, some people do not take pins to call or contact the team online because sometimes the queries remain unanswered. In such a case, you can go to a Microsoft store for clearing your problems. Everyone goes through this as glitches do occur in the system. So we have to contact them ultimately for solving our problems.
You can also take or give Tech Support remotely using Quick Assist in Windows 10.
It must be kept in mind they do not contact you on their own for solving problems. Also, if you get any call, consider it fake because it might be a spam. So beware and do not let out your details or access to your system. You have to contact Microsoft directly. It is absolutely useless to trust someone and who promises to solve your problems. Call them directly and ask them to solve your problems.
 We hope the information provided will be sufficient to clear the your doubts and answer your query. We look forward to more such interesting questions from your end. We are always at your disposal.
Thanking You,
Team AskOpinion

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This is common problem I suppose. Whenever a new window is launched, we need some extra information in order to get a hang of it. The most important question is that where should we call in order to get any problem fixed with our windows 10, window office, service office or other Microsoft software? The most safe option as far as getting help for windows problems is to get the help from Microsoft windows only. The costumer care service and support is always available to help you verbally if you face any problem regarding the window 10 or any window for that matter.  On the other hand the Microsoft technical support will provide you support to fix your technical problems of the windows. They can locate you and send a technical help to your comfortable location. Also, window 10 user can also download an app specifically for windows 10. They have some contact numbers to call for different countries. For USA the contact number is (800) (642-7676), for Canada it is (877) 568-2495, for UK the contact number is 0800 026 03 30 and for India the support number is 0008 004 402 130. Also the customer service number that works for Microsoft Corporation in USA is 1800 102 1100.

I have also been using windows 10 for quite some time now and have found a number of glitches in the software. And whenever I find a glitch, I have to waste my precious time scouting through the web forums to find the solution. Getting in touch with Microsoft regarding any issues you are having with your operating system is a good idea. I think you can easily find the contact number on the Microsoft support website. Look for the Contact Us option or page and you will find the number there. Besides calling them up, you have another option. You can participate in a live chat session with a Microsoft representative who can help you with your problem. Besides, there is one third option. If the problem you are facing with your windows is a common one, you will easily find an article or a blog on the Microsoft support website regarding the same. 

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