How Human Resource Management software helps in Data Security?

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How Human Resource Management software helps in Data Security?

XS Infosol offers various products such as Bandwith Management software Solutions, SMART HRM and much more. A SMART HRM Software involves a strategy made for effective management for organization workers or employees in order to achieve organizational goals. Human Resource Management(HRM) is also known as HR Department. It focuses on managing workers and employees inside the organization, making policies and systems. Human Resource Management Software focuses on employee benefits, employee remuneration process, employee training, development, performance appraisal, employee training. The main objective of HR is to manage its workers or employees in such a way in order to achieve company objective.

The SMART HRM involves various modules such as :

 1. Recruitment Module: Company offers the First module that is Recruitment module. The module involves recruitment tasks such as:

a. Preparing Resumes: Focuses on Preparing resumes for the candidates by mentioning most important details such as Contact no, Addresses, Qualifications, skills, Fathers name, mother name, etc.

b. Short Listing Candidates: Perform Short listing process based on Skills, Qualifications, Age, Gender, Location, Experience.

c. Taking Interviews: Involves Conducting interviews online and recording interview results.

d. Selection: Involves final task in to select the candidates for the job.

2. Maximize Performance: Involves information about Employee database and basic information.

a. Employee basic info: Involves Basic information about employees, such as Father's name, Mother name, contact details, mobile number, email id.

b. Salary Details: Involves Salary structure such as Earnings, deductions, bonus.

c. Past Employee Information: Involves details about employee past job, his salary, the profile name etc.

d. Important Documents: Involves important document such as a scanned photograph, resume.

3. Performance Appraisal: contains a process that involves all necessary information about employees data.

a. Management of goals

b. Providing necessary informations to employees

c. Schedule meetings.

4. Administration: It maintains all details of employee benefits such as healthcare, tax benefits, etc.

5. Schedule Leave: The leave can be automatically scheduled by using this module. It's an online application that allow employees to watch their leave history with an easy access.

6. Time: The module involves time and attendance. The module tracks the employee attendance and record the data for future use. It involves calendar appearance specifying employee attendance, overtime management, application management of holiday and short leaves.

7. Learning and Development: The module works on employee trainings, bookings, feedback etc. Have an Easy access to create training sessions, schedule exams, assignments.

b. Helps to lower training cost.

8. Talent Management: The module is designed to help HR during the recruitment and selection process. The module provides details about fresh talent and some basic information about their work experience, skills, Qualifications.

9. HR Analytics: The HR Analytics helps in generating reports. The reports gives clear view to increase the performance.

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