How many People Die in a Day?

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How many People Die in a Day?

The mortality of a living being is something that all humans, especially scientists, have questioned for a long time now. Several research and studies have also been conducted on the same.

The ‘mortality rate’ for the world, as per statisticians, is roughly around .883 percent. What it implies is that 1 or every 113 approximately people die every year.

So, how many people die in a day and what is the death rate in the US alone? What are the lead causes of death? You will find the answer to these and many other questions below. All you have to do is keep reading.

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How Many People Die Every Day?

It has been estimated that around 151,600 people die every day, give or take a few. Therefore, with this statistics, the number of deaths occurring every year comes out to be at 55.3 million. If you are wondering how many people die every minute, then you must know that the number is 105. So, since the time you started reading this post, tens, if not hundreds, have left the world.

What Are The Lead Causes Of Death?

With such drastic numbers, one question that might be puzzling many of you arises that what are the most common reasons behind deaths. As per a report by World Health Organization (WHO), about 56.4 million people died in 2015 globally, where more than half of those were from 10 common reasons. The most common cause of death was found to be heart diseases that claimed around 15 million lives. The second most common cause of death was determined to be chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases that killed 3.2 million people in one year.

While lung cancer and diabetes claimed 1.7 million and 1.6 million lives, respectively, dementia also became one of the most common reasons behind deaths, more than doubling the death count between 2000 and 2015. Furthermore, owing to the expanding awareness programs and medical assistance, the HIV/AIDS is no longer among the 10 most common causes of death. Although the disorder claimed 1.1 million lives in 2015, it was down from 1.5 million in 2000. Diarrhoeal diseases (1.39 million), tuberculosis (1.37 million) and road injury (1.34 million) are other reasons behind the astounding world death rate.

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Alone in the US, about 2.6 million people die every year, with heart diseases topping the charts here as well. However, accidents or unintentional injuries has emerged as the fourth most common reason of death, claiming more than 145000 lives every year.

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