Foods to Fight Cancer, The Anti-Cancer Diet

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Foods to Fight Cancer, The Anti-Cancer Diet

It is pivotal for the cancer-afflicted patient to stick to a strict diet regime that comprises of nutritional foods. The quality of diet has a profound influence on the proper functioning of the body.

Let us take a quick snapshot of some of the best foods that help the [patients fight cancer]:
1. Berries- The scrumptious and juicy berries contain a high percentage of powerful antioxidants that can halt the process of free radical damage to the cells. The healthy compounds present in berries can prevent the cancerous cells from spreading and growing. Hence, you can consider including fresh berries like blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries as a part of your anti-cancer diet.

2. Garlic- Garlic is recommended as a super food for cancer, as it helps in boosting the immune system of the patient. Researchers conclude that consuming garlic can reduce the risk of colon and stomach cancer.

3.  Oily fish- Due to the high content of Vitamin A, oily fishes can help the person fight against cancer.

4. Sunflower seeds- The seeds contain a high proportion of zinc and Vitamin E. The element zinc fastens the healing process and is recommended for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

5. Carrots- The Vitamin-A rich vegetable can be safely consumed by cancer patients. Doctors recommend such patients to intake carrot juice on a regular basis.

6. Pumpkin seeds- Seeds of pumpkin are rich sources of Vitamin E, and they are also popularly called cancer buster. Additionally, the person can also intake soya, almonds, and green leafy vegetables.

7. Tomatoes- The vegetables are highly beneficial for the treatment of prostate cancer. The compounds lycopene present in tomatoes can also help the patient to resist against the cervix, breast, and colon cancer.

8. Egg yolk- The folic acid present in egg yolk restricts the cancerous cells from multiplying in the body. 

9.  Broccoli- It is another nutritious vegetable that has high fiber content and helps in eliminating unwanted toxins from the body.

10. Red grapes- The fruits contain high amounts of bioflavonoids and resveratrol, and these compounds are seen to hinder the growth of the cancer cells.

11. Sweet potato- The beta carotene present in these veggies shields the cells from cancer attack.

12. Avocados- The creamy and delicious fruit has powerful antioxidants, which helps the person to fight against liver cancer.

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yes it is possible to stay save by using anti cancer foods but there is different types of cancer it may vary for different cases.


Having diets that prevents cancer can help to control on the aggravation of the condition and thus the cancer patient can survive a longer life.

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