Does Nutella cause Cancer?

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Does Nutella cause Cancer?

Who loves Nutella? Well I should be asking who does not love Nutella. For all the lovers of this chocolate spread it has been quite disappointing and confusing, as the rumour of Nutella causing cancer has been doing the rounds.

Once such ideas are spread among the masses, it becomes very difficult to get the fear of using such food products out of the mind. It tends to cause a threat regarding using the product in concern

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What Led To The Idea?

What caused the idea that Nutella may contain ingredients that will cause cancer, was the incident wherein many supermarkets in Italy started removing products from their shelves that contained processed palm oil as an ingredient in them. Why did they so was because they wished to ensure products that fall under the category of being a risk to health and may cause health threats be distinguished from others that  ensure the well-being of the citizens. Another idea was to stop selling products that are aimed at children as consumers, and contain such harmful ingredients. All this was done with the aim of further well-being of the people and not to create a sense of panic regarding any product.

The European Food Safety Authority is of the opinion that when palm oil is exposed to higher temperatures for refining it, it becomes carcinogenic. Which is the possibility of causing cancer becomes high.

What Has Led To The Confusion?

Firstly, Nutella was not on of the products that were taken off the shelves of the supermarket. Also, the fact that The European Food Safety Authority has not directly mentioned Nutella in the list of products that are harmful for the health because of having palm oil in them.

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But, what we cannot avoid is the fact that the five main ingredients in Nutella are:

#1. Palm oil

#2. Skimmed milk powder

#3. Cocoa

#4. Hazelnuts

#5. Sugar

Now, out of these majority of the spread is made of sugar and palm oil. Irrespective of what has been said and what is assumed, people are finding it hard to come to a conclusion regarding the goodness of their favourite bread spread.

What Is There In Nutella That Can Cause Cancer

According to the ESFA there are three substances we can derive from glycodil, which is present in vegetable oils. They include, glycidyl fatty acid esters (GE), 3-monochloropropanediol (3-MCPD), as well as 2-monochloropropanediol (2-MCPD). The fact remains that these substances are found in other vegetable oils as well, but is present in a very high level in palm oil.

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Why Has Nutella Been The Talk Of The Town?

Considering the fact that Nutella is a product that is targeted for the consumption of children. It is a widely selling product all over the world, makes it a product that is in the limelight. Most lovers of the product will not want to stop using it, at the same time no one really wishes to knowingly harm themselves

In such a scenario, it is important for the consumers to know what all this deal with Nutella is all about. It is clear that it contains palm oil in a huge quantity. At the same time, it is not declared to be harmful.

What the question remains is should people go by the facts? Or should they go ahead with using the product as there is no threat declared? Is this just a spread of unnecessary food related fear? Or is the fear valid enough? We still need to clearly know.

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