Risk factors of cervical cancer

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Risk factors of cervical cancer

 Cervical cancer is a cancer of cervix.

There are many risk factors of cervical cancer. Some may be genetic and others are environmental or behavioral. Here are some risk factors of getting cervical cancer. and how to prevent it. Genetic factors may not be controlled.

Human Papillomavirus

Human Papillomavirus is transmitted through sexual contact. Human Papillomavirus does not show any symptom. It can be ruled out by pap smear tests. Pap smear test detects cervical damage.

Having many sex partners

Having many sex partners is one of the risk of getting cervical cancer. Circumcision of partners help in reducing cervical cancer risks.


Cigarette is carcinogenic.  Smoking can cause damage to the cervical cells. Damage to cervical cells can cause cancer. So smoking can cause lung cancer as well as cervical cancer.


Having a family history of cervical cancer may increase the risk. If your mother had cervical cancer, it increases the risk.

Oral contraceptives

Taking Oral, contraceptives for a longer period may increase the risk of Cervical cancer.

DES exposure

DES is a drug given to prevent miscarriage in women. This may cause Cervical caner in a woman.

Regular screening of Cervical cancer by pap smear tests reduces the chance of cervical cancer as abnormal cervical changes can be detected before they progress.

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