Know about the various stages of cancer treatment

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Know about the various stages of cancer treatment
When the disease of cancer is being diagnosed through various laboratory tests, the patient gets the complete information about the type and stage of the cancer or tumor. There are various methods to treat cancers and each type of the cancer is treated in different ways.

The treatments are indulged to retard the growth of the infected tumor and infecting any other body parts.Hence, it is extremely essential to start the preventive measures and treatment, as soon as the harmful disease is diagnosed. In recent days, there are various advanced treatments available to eliminate the disease and help you to lead a healthy life.

Some of the stages of testing the disease include

Initial Tests

•    The treatment of the harmful disease begins through some thorough physical examinations. The tests include blood test, urine test, stool test etc. 
•    Apart from these generic tests, there are some additional tests that are further carried out like ECG, ultrasound, X-rays, Endoscopy. 
•    These tests are extremely helpful in detecting the presence of cancerous cells or tumors. 
•    The samples of tissues are diagnosed through the process of bioscopy, to confirm the presence of cancerous cells in the body.

The Conventional Treatment

•    Some of the conventional process of treatment generally includes surgery, which is thereafter followed by sessions of radiation and chemotherapy. 
•    The physicians generally recommend this conventional approach to cure the disease. In some cases the process of bone marrow transplantation is also employed. 
•    The process of Chemotherapy helps in induction of certain natural or synthetic substances into the infected portion of the body. This inhibits or retards the growth of the cancerous cells and helps to treat the disease effectively. 
•    But in certain types of cancers, Chemotherapy is not that effective method of treatment. In such cases, various other treatment therapies are applied.

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