What causes Corn between Toes? How to remove it?

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What causes Corn between Toes? How to remove it?

Having corns between toes is a common ailment amongst people in present times. But, what causes corn between toes and how to get rid of corn between toes are two pivotal questions which need answers to eliminate the woes of everybody suffering from it! 

You are prone to corns if you wear a lot of tight shoes. Corns are generally hard skin atop your toes. They are red in color and tender on the surface. Their painful presence is an indication for you to keep yourself away from your tight fitted shoes.

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What Causes Corns Between the Toes?

The most common causes known for these corns are poorly fitted shoes which cause painful and sometimes non-painful corns on the top of the toes and side of the little toe. Also, you must know that a lot of walking or running is also considered as concrete causes of calluses (A callus is larger and broader than a corn and has a less well-defined edge) under the feet. So, avoid indulging in sports that imbibe a lot of pressure on your feet and will gradually expand the risk of formation of a callus.

Ailments such as corns and calluses are likely to formulate if you own eminent bony toes, thin skin or any other deformities of the toes or feet which aid the skin to rub with ease inside shoes. Generally, humans with bunions are most certainly likely to develop corns!

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How To Remove Corns?

#1.  A great way to soften calluses and corn is to immerse them in water containing Epsom salt. Do not forget to follow the directions on the package.

#2. Give a try to socks that imbibe thick and cushioned soles. They have the power to prevent your calluses from getting worse.

#3.  To protect yourself from a callus or corn on your foot from immense pressure, get a custom made design of ‘doughnut’ using a section of adhesive moleskin. Remember, to cut a circle bigger than your callus or corn then fold it into half and cut a half circle from the center. Once you open it later, Voila! You will have a padded ring. Apply it over your ailment.

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