Scope of dialysis technicians in India

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Scope of dialysis technicians in India

A dialysis technician is the person who makes a huge difference between the life and death of a person suffering from renal failure. He is the one that performs renal dialysis. He deals with the patients who are suffering from kidney diseases. There are about 1.5 to 1.7 lakh cases of the patients suffering from last stage kidney disease. Also, the number of Indian diabetics is predicted to hit 101 million by 2030 that causes the increasing demand of dialysis technicians.


We all have studied in science that kidneys are responsible for purifying blood in our body. As long as kidneys perform, there is no requirement of dialysis treatment. In actual, dialysis is a medical procedure that performs as an artificial kidney by removing waste products and extra fluid from the body, when our kidney is not working properly due to some disease.

Due to kidney failure, our kidneys are no longer efficient to carry out this purification process. Then dialysis process comes for help to save the life of patients.

When kidneys are no longer able to clean toxins from the blood, this dialysis machine with a dialysis technician to operate it, step in to carry out the purification of blood artificially.


Dialysis technicians are trained to perform dialysis on patients suffering from kidney failure and require treatment for removing excess waste from their blood. They perform in various roles from equipment repair and maintenance to water treatment monitoring, to dialyzer reprocessing, vascular access monitoring as well as direct patient care. Dialysis technicians are requiring assisting their patients with every physical or mental concern they might have before, during or after the procedure.


 Keeps patient’s record

 Measures blood pressure

 Checks patient weight

 Performs fluid removal rate calculations and adjustments?

 Timely adjusts machine parameters

 Prepares dialysis solution as per the requirement of patient

 Performs certain medical emergency procedures instantaneously

 Performs blood flow rate measurements and do adjustments

 Maintain the logbook of all equipment and R.O. machine

 Inform nurse or physician about changes in patient’s condition


There are countless job opportunities for a dialysis technician with a great scope of job growth. The demand for these technicians has constantly been growing over the years, there will be requirement of more trained technicians in future. The future of the dialysis technicians looks bright due to increasing need of medical requirements in this field. They may find remunerative jobs in hospitals, clinics or healthcare centers that offer dialysis treatment.

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