What are the Foods with Potassium?

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What are the Foods with Potassium?

Vitamins and minerals are really essential for the body and for a person to stay healthy. One such important mineral is potassium. The human body requires it for a variety of reasons but often we tend to overlook its importance.

So, what are the food products that have potassium? This information is important for us to take adequate amount of such products every day.

Potassium is a necessary mineral that is found in many food items. It is essential for the body to balance fluids and minerals. It is also important to maintain a normal body pressure. Potassium is really important to help your muscles contract and for your nerves function in a normal manner. Depending on your health condition, you need to increase or decrease your intake of potassium.  

What Foods Have Potassium In Them? 

These food products are a rich source of potassium and should be inculcated in the daily diet :

#1. Banana

The number one food that comes to mind when one thinks of potassium is a banana. One would think that this particular fruit has a monopoly when it comes to potassium but the truth is far from that. Though yes, banana is a rich source of potassium, somewhere close to around 422 mg though other fruits contain a good amount of potassium as well.

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#2. Sweet Potato

Now, we all love sweet potato and with this, there are more reasons to love them even more. These tubers are a rich source of potassium and contain 542 mg of the mineral. Considering how tasty they are it's not difficult to get your regular dose of potassium through them.

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#3. White Potato

Talking about tastier food options that contain potassium, we have the white potato that contains all of 941 mg of potassium. Bake the potato on medium heat and enjoy it in a salad.

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(Image Courtesy: Paleo Hacks)

#4. Tomato Sauce

Who said minerals and vitamins are only found in food stuff that is not very good to taste. You can find more than adequate amount of potassium in tomato sauce, somewhere close to about 728 mg in each cup.

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(Image Courtesy: Dr. Weil)

#5. Watermelon

Everyone loves a good old water melon in summers, and now there is all the more reason for you to enjoy it. Just chomp down two delicious slices of watermelon wedges, and you will get around 641 mg of potassium from it. If that not a good enough reason to feast on this cooling fruit, then it would interest you to know that watermelon is a good source of lycopene, a plant pigmentation that can reduce your risk of getting cancer.

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(Image Courtesy: AARP)

#6. Beet

Another really good source of potassium is beet, and just a cup of cooked and sliced beet contains 518 mg of potassium. It is also an excellent source of iron and if you are suffering from anemia, then there are all the more reasons that you should include beet in your diet.

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#7. Black Beans

You have been eating black beans because they are a good source of fiber and protein but now you can add the mineral potassium to that list. One cup of beans contains 739 mg of potassium.

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#8. Canned salmon

Another favorite food product of yours that is a real good source of potassium is canned salmon. Each can have 487 mg of potassium and is also rich in omega 3. It requires little to no effort as there is no cooking involved and all you need to do is open the can and eat it.

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#9. Edamame

The whole soybean is another great source of potassium, and one cup of it contains 676 mg of the mineral.

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Now, that you know which food product is rich in potassium, here is a look at those which contain a good amount of magnesium

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