Daily chocolate intake will lower risk of diabetes and heart disease is it right?

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Daily chocolate intake will lower risk of diabetes and heart disease is it right?

Chocolate has always been taken as a bad food to consume when it comes to the health issues, but when we are talking about eating chocolates for the health benefits many people confuse it with the chocolate candy bars. To choose the right chocolate is very important when it comes to the benefits it has to offer.

The dark chocolates are best to consume when there is a need to eat a chocolate and one has a strong craving for it. The dark chocolates contain the highest amount of cocoa and cocoa is a great source of antioxidants. The flavonoids present in it can help in restoring the damages done to cells in many ways. Dark chocolates have many benefits when taken in a moderate amount on daily basis. It is used in restoring health and is helpful in various ways. It helps in skin treatments, it is said to be a great stress reliever, it can make the brain function well and it can make you focus things. It also helps to fight bad breath and many other benefits are added to it.

However, it has been seen that risk of two most life-threatening diseases that are diabetes and heart diseases can be lowered with the regular intake of the dark chocolate. The disease of diabetes and the heart disease are both very dangerous and life threatening and cause many problems.

Heart Diseases: Cardiometabolic disorder is very common nowadays because of the lifestyle people are following. Processed food, stressful jobs, hectic life and bad food choices contribute to a heart disease. Heart disease is a very serious issue and if not checked at the right time can lead to death.

Dark chocolate in these cases can be a better option to have each day. Consumption of dark chocolate is found to be helpful in various studies and research. Many studies have shown the various benefits of eating dark chocolates in tackling heart diseases. The reason it is considered good for heart lies in the fact that the flavonoids present in it act as a great source in keeping the heart healthy. The flavonoids are the antioxidants that prevent the damage of various different cells. Flavanol is the type of flavonoid found in the dark chocolates that help in fighting the damage to the cells. These flavonols make the blood circulation better and make the blood flow to the heart and hence prevents clots.

In doing this the flavonols make the process of heart function better and thus prevents the risk of heart diseases.

The other risk to heart is caused by obesity and dark chocolate has been found to be beneficial in weight loss too. In a way, this particular variant of chocolate also prevents heart disease as obesity is one of the major causes of heart disease.

Not only cardiovascular health, dark chocolate also prevents the issues related to the blood pressure. It acts as a stress reliever and leads to good heart health because stress also plays a vital role in various heart diseases.

Diabetes: A type of sugar disease, which is very common these days. In this type of disease, starchy carbs and sweets are restricted as the sugar content may affect the insulin. But dark chocolates plays a good role when it comes to diabetes. Chocolate bars available in the market are sweet and are asked to be avoided in order to keep diabetes in check but the fact is right chocolate is needed to be chosen. Dark chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa is found to be beneficial in diabetes disease. Dark chocolate leads to many benefits like lowering appetite and weight loss and thus helps in tackling diabetes in both the cases. Obesity and wrong food choices can bring diabetes. Regular intake of dark chocolate keeps appetite in control and also helps in avoiding snacks in the evening time and in turn, helps in avoiding weight gain and thus keeps diabetes at bay. Dark chocolates are found to decrease the fasting insulin as well as the glucose level when consumed on a regular basis in moderate amount. One or two cubes of the dark chocolate a day is good for diabetic patients when they need to satisfy their sweet cravings.

Dark chocolate has many more benefits that are underestimated in various ways. In both the cases of diabetes and heart disease, dark chocolate is very helpful in preventing the risks. The main thing is to choose the right type of dark chocolate as many variants of it is available in the market. To choose the one with the higher amount of cocoa in it is beneficial. If one chooses the sweet chocolate bars loaded with sugar, it will fail in providing benefits and also add risks to the body's overall health.

The best dark chocolate can be considered as the one that has more than 70 percent of cocoa in it. Anything between 70 percent to 85 percent is good. The heart diseases and diabetes are most common diseases in today's world and with a little caution, healthy exercise routines, and active lifestyle, we can keep these evils away. The inclusion of dark chocolate to a healthy diet and clean eating can also be very beneficial.

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