How to be a Perfect Host?

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How to be a Perfect Host?

So today, hosting a party is not just about having fun, it’s more of a Public Relation strategy. Thus, to be honest, you have to be the perfect host to manage your rapport among your peers.

How would you do that? How can you be the “perfect host”? We all know it’s not a school test, thus we won’t be getting grades at the end of the semester, so how to find out if you did well or not? Well, worry not, we have the answer.

Parties are not so much about finding the right host as it is about being one yourself. Stop hosting the usual boring parties and think out of the box next time you host a party, amaze your guest with some sophisticated party theme. Woo them with an extraordinary party experience.

Below are some tips and tricks to be the perfect party host.

How To Be The Perfect 21st Century Host

#1. Draft A Detailed Invitation

The first challenge for any of us planning to throw a party is, to ensure that nobody faces problem in finding the venue. Believe me, it's the worst feeling when someone fails to locate your party venue and decides to go back home instead of joining the party, especially when the person is someone important. Obviously, we feel bad as it hurts our reputation when the person talks about it in public and conversation turns into an embarrassment.

Next time you're planning a party, make sure none of your guest faces problems finding the venue. Try a digital invitation this time, this would save the printing cost and also look cool. Attach a Google Map location of the party venue in the invitation, include all the fun things that the guest will get to experience, and also include the timing.

#2. Don't Forget The Fun Group

No need to trouble yourself finding the logic, it's quite obvious that the party would be fun if you invite your funny group in it. The kind of people you invite in your party determines the fate of the party. Make a guest list and include the right group of people in the list who can make your party fun, and everything will get easier.

Also, you being the host of the party, should enjoy the party or your guest will not enjoy it too. You and your guest feel the same way about the party, thus, it’s is about you enjoying your own party to keep others happy.

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#3. Plan Something To Keep Your Guest Engaged As They Arrive

Parties are about two old acquaintances or two strangers meeting each other, so there's definitely a wall that will not let people open up and enjoy the party. Plan for something which can help people get along together and break the ice. As most party experts suggest, having a bar is a good option to keep people engaged for the time being. If people want a drink, they can mix it themselves. Also, a bar is something where people gather in numbers and engage in conversations and the wall sheds down slowly.

#4. Be Prepared For The Hungry Party Animals

A party is nothing if it doesn't offer exquisite food, and there's nothing more embarrassing than a guest complaining about the insufficient amount of food. So, while hiring a caterer for the party, make sure you're prepared for every circumstance, be it a shortage of food. People will get hungry, very hungry after all the dancing, games, and talking; and you've to have enough food to satisfy their hunger.

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#5. Know Your Guests And Cater Them Accordingly

What if you arrive at a party and expect roasted turkey for dinner and you get a vegetable salad instead, how would you feel? A more important question, would you ever attend a party of the same host again? No.

When you're hosting a party, you've to take care of your guest's taste buds and their expectations from the party. Not everyone would enjoy the idea of being served with healthy salads when they are expecting something unhealthy and delicious. You do that to me, and I am sure I would abandon you for life. Party is about enjoying, whether it's food, drinks, or party games; so make sure your guests don't leave disappointed. Know your guests and their food choices. You can even make a questionnaire regarding the same and forward it to all your guest asking them to send it back again after answering all the questions. After getting the reply, you'll get an idea as to what and what not to include in the menu.

#6. Make A Party Music List

Music is the showstopper for all parties and events. A party without music is like a man without the soul, so, don't even think of a music-less party. But, even with the presence of music, some parties prove to be a disaster. Why? Lack of good music. Music is important in parties, but what is more important is the knowledge of good music tracks. You can't, seriously you can't play a slow sad song in a party. There are categories of party songs that you can choose from- hip hop, retro music, or an all-time hit party track. If you're in good sync with the music, filter the tracks that can ignite the fire in your guests and compel them to move their body, twist their waist, and jump on their feet to bring out the heat.

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#7. Focus On The Aura, Not The Decorations

When people are in the mood for the party they hardly care or take a note of the decorations. Even a simple and sophisticated lighting does the job if you've other things planned well. What really matters is the aura, which should be mesmerizing enough to make the party memorable and enjoying. So, focus on the aura more than decorations. A little decoration is necessary but too much of unnecessary decorations is mostly a waste.

#8. Consider A Theme Party

Normal parties are boring, and thus the idea of theme-based parties emerged. Who likes to do the same thing again and again? After a time, everyone gets bored with the monotony and decides to stay back rather than being in the party. Try experimenting with your party this time, google some good party themes depending on your budget and gift your guests an experience they never had.

I remember my friend's party last year. He organized a cowboy theme party and everyone was dressed like a cowboy. Though everything was normal like usual parties, there was a lot of buzz among people.

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#9. Organize An Event

Sometimes, it's better to include a special event in your party which can give an opportunity to the people to get along together. Like, your party is in winters, think of a bonfire where your guests can get along together with a glass of wine and roasted marshmallows.

People, especially the party guests appreciate if they have something to do besides drink and dance, to may summarize the whole event, and end it on a good note.

#10. Solve The Parking Problem

Parking has been a major problem in every party because of the inadequate space problem. We all know that you can't predict anything when it comes to a party, the number of people in the party is always more than planned. So, you might get a call from your party venue manager about the lack of parking space for the next guest to arrive. Thus, always talk to your venue manager and ask them to arrange for extra parking space to use whenever needed.

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#11. Ensure A Warm Welcome

A warm welcome is always appreciated and it makes your guest feel that they're really welcomed in the party. Also, being physically present to greet your guests is generally a good idea, to let people know how grateful you're for their presence. So, stand at the door with your partner (if you've one) and welcome your guests with a smile on your face.

#12. End The Celebration On A Good Note

No matter how good or bad the party was, but the end has to be something to remember. As some philosophers say, "It's not necessary to finish the entire story if you don't wish to, but end it on a good note with a smile". A final return gift would be a nice way to end the party with a smile, the gift need not be expensive but it has to be memorable enough.

There are some additional tips which you can use, like managing a good number of mobile charging slots, arrange a good pack of towels in the washroom etc. Party is only fun when you let your wild side out and enjoy yourself. So, don’t hesitate to bring the wild side out, what happens in a party, stays in the party. No one will remember anything else other than the fun they had, the memories they collected, and the person who made it all happen.

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We hope you liked the article. If you have any suggestions or cool party theme ideas, let us know so we can try it for ourselves. Don’t hesitate to share, we are all ears. Besides, the fun is fun when it is shared with everyone.

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