How to be Classy & Sophisticated at a Party?

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How to be Classy & Sophisticated at a Party?

Parties are great to meet new people, no matter when and where they are, and who the guests are. Some parties prove to be an opportunity to meet your potential dates and new friends, which can be further used to make important connections to move your career forward. When stuck in a rowdy crowd of partygoers, it can be tough to stay classy at a party and maintain your composure.

You will never be able to enhance your social life or your working life if all the people at the parties take you to be a fool and therefore it is important for you to be classy and sophisticated. You need to put your best foot forward and make a lasting and positive impression on the guests.

How To Be Classy At A Party?

Firstly, don’t panic, we are not recommending you any 'Party Manners' books to read before attending parties. They are just some basic tips that can help you stay classy, sophisticated and yet have fun at parties.

#1. Keep A Check On Your Alcohol

Obviously, we aren’t asking you to stay sober and not have a good time, all we don’t want for you is to lose your control. Keep a count of your drinks and stop before you start feeling queasy, even if others try to goad you into drinking more. And also, make sure you don’t keep drinking on an empty stomach. Get yourself munching over something; prefer to stay light on the food though. And if you can feel that your walk isn’t as straight, then just put your glass down and stick to water for a while.

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#2. Swear To The Table Manners

Now that you are a few drinks down, you are most likely to loosen out a bit, but you need to be classy at the party, right? So what do you do? You will stick to your basic table etiquettes; you will chew your food with your mouth shut, won’t dribble your beverages on anyone, won’t scarf down the chips. Did we ask for too much? We are sure not!

You should do whatever you can to avoid being one of those people, who’s talked about in a bad light after the party ends. It might get you blacklisted from all the hottest events of the year.

#3. Don’t Strip That Down For Anyone

We suggest that before heading out to the party; have a word with the host regarding the dress code. You don’t want to show up in flip-flops and shorts while the other guests are in suits and gowns.

And if there’s no particular style, use common sense when selecting your outfit. Whatever you wear, keep it on throughout the party. Stripping may have been cool when you were partying as a teenager; now it’ll just make you look like a loser.

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#4. Get A Room For Yourself

Ummm… you know what we are talking about right? Well, yes.. lots of alcohol, super fun music, well-dressed people and raging hormones, who are to be blamed? It is natural for you to get attracted to someone as classy as you and you tend to take things further.

Go for it, but don’t put on a show for everyone by engaging in tonsil hockey in the middle of a crowded room. Find yourself a suitable corner or a room to enjoy your intimate moments. Leave the party to spend some private time with your partner.

Putting out a show will take away all your classiness at the party.

#5. Monogamy Please

It never was and will never be cool to hook up with multiple people at a party if you really wish to put up a classy image. Doing so can make people talk about you as someone who’s way too promiscuous.

Plus, if you’re attending the party to find yourself a potential date, then hooking up with multiple people will lessen your chances to find the right match.

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#6. Too Funny, Aren’t You?

When we are a few shots down, that little voice in our heads that often says, “Don’t say that, it’s not polite!” tends to get quieter and quieter, until it completely stops talking to us. We then instead of staying classy say things that are offensive and can even anger other people.

Parties are meant to be fun, and such unwanted humor leads to arguments and fights. So just remember to filter your words before you spill them out, even if you are fuzzy headed.

Don’t even think of making jokes about anyone’s sexual orientation, race or religion. No matter how funny you think it is, such jokes tend to get people very riled up.

#7. Don’t Damage The Property

Whether you’re partying in a public place, or at someone’s house, you’ve got to respect the property of the host and stay classy at the party. There could be times when you feel like smashing a bunch of wine glasses or jumping on the bed after winning a card game or trivia match, but this will only make you look like a jackass. We understand your excitement, but you’ll have to hold your horses even if you are tipsy. It’s best to stay away from the expensive artifacts or any electronic accidents to avoid any sorts of intentional or unintentional accidents.

#8. Don’t Be A Drama Queen

While there are some situations wherein it is absolutely fine to be a little dramatic, especially if you are dealing with a serious problem. But it clearly doesn’t mean that you’ll start crying because your boyfriend didn’t reply to your text message. Doing something will only attract all the wrong attention, declaring you as the official drama queen of the party.

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#9. Stay Faithful To Your Partner

This should be a no-brainer, but for some people when alcohol’s on the table, all bets are off. Hooking up with someone else just because you were drunk will not be an excuse enough to convince your partner. You may think that you can keep your cheating a secret from them, but word tends to travel quickly and expansively throughout the social grapevine and will eventually reach your partner’s ears. Loyalty too is a sign of staying classy at a party.

#10. Avoid Using Your Phone

Parties are for catching up with old friends and meeting new people. Don’t spend entire shindig texting friends who aren’t even there. If you’re going to be on your phone all night, you might as well not attend the party at first place.

Staying on your phone at a party will only make people think you’re rather unfriendly if you’re constantly tapping at your phone’s keyboard.

If you’re awkwardly busying yourself with your phone, you can always ask the host or someone else to introduce you to more people. If that fails, bartenders can also make for some great conversations, plus they serve you well too.

#11. Keep Yourself Clean

Cleaning up after a party can be a lot of work. So to make things easier don’t be the party’s Pig-Pen.

Find a trash can nearby to toss your trash in it. Do not leave leftovers or do not spill your drinks on the furniture. If you happen to spill your beer, hunt down a paper towel instead of leaving it on the floor for people to slip in. Offer to stay and help clean afterward. This will surely earn you some brownie points for staying so classy at the party.

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#12. Don’t Be Too Snoopy

If staying classy at the party is your main aim, then you better not be snooping through the host’s place. They will obviously not like you snooping around their underwear drawer or looking at the bank statements on their office desk. If you’re identified as a snoop, you may also be assumed to be a thief. Better stay away from getting into such things. Not classy at all!

Staying classy at a party isn’t that hard. All you need to do is avoid making a scene and act the way you want other people to act around you. Ping us with some more tips to stay classy at a party. We would love to know your thoughts and comments. 

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