How to be Unattractive if you are too Good-Looking?

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How to be Unattractive if you are too Good-Looking?

According to popular opinion, people want to be attractive, and it is their unattractiveness which makes them socially awkward and breeds low self-esteem in them because they feel they cannot mingle with others. But it is not always the unattractive ones which tend to act without rhyme or reason. Attractive people can get their pants in a twist as well because they feel that people are incapable of seeing them separate from their external beauty and won’t appreciate them for their intellect or a skill they have honey over the years.

The ones who don’t want to limit themselves to only looking beautiful tend to get frustrated easily when they are only seen as beautiful, so it is necessary for them to change their appearance so that they get attention on what they want others to pay attention to at that given moment. It is not that if you are attractive, you won’t get serious so what you need to do is mellow down your magnetism that pulls people towards you and is less attractive so that they focus more on what you are talking about.

Tips To Be Unattractive When You Are Too Good Looking

#1. Let Your Hair Remain Unkempt

Your hairstyle has a lot to do with your appeal as it completes your look and makes you the irresistible force that you are. Also, it is one of the first things that people notice about you when they see you. So, if you don’t comb it and shampoo it for days, people won’t be intimidated by your good looks and will actually pay attention to what you have to say because they will feel superior to you when they compare your looks to theirs and then they would look for loopholes in your plan so that they can defeat you there as well. It is a common thing for people to develop a complex when they see someone with better looks or a better strategy as they find it difficult to validate their presence at such a time when they are just a spectator and not an active contributor. Don’t wash them if they are oily and greasy and don’t try to keep the hair in place if all of them if some of them are out of place. People often associate unkempt hair with indiscipline and will give you some sincere disgust instead of adoration which you get all the time.

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#2. Go Out Of Shape

If you have an attractive face then people won’t be able to take their eyes off you if you have an attractive body accompanying that attractive face so what you want to do is stop exercising and make yourself a little unfit because if you are always high on energy and have that adrenaline pumping no matter how hard you try you won’t be able to suppress your desires. This will make you want to cast an impression on others, and since you are good at creating an impression on others, you will end up charming them with your good looks and sweet talking. However, if you are inactive and feel lazy then you will come across as unappealing, and people will look for other aspects they can focus on instead of your beauty.

#3. Smell Bad

One of the easiest way for people to term you and treat you as an uninvited person is to smell bad. Don’t shower and do not apply deodorant. This will drop your attractiveness and won’t require a lot of efforts as well so just stop cleaning yourself, and you will endear less and fewer people as the day goes by.

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#4. Give Off Negative Energy

People who are good looking often are full of them and are always high on confidence and they radiate more positive energy than any other person in the room as they draw people towards them instead of pushing them away which can augur ill for their plan to get people in line and act according to the instructions they want people to follow. If you constantly complain about the kind of life you have then you will give off negative energy to each and everyone who interacts with you and it will drive people away faster than how they got attracted towards you. Be grumpy and suck off the passion and enthusiasm of those around you and it will hold you in good stead as you will be emotionally unattractive which is worse than any form of physical ugly.

#5. Disrespect People

This is sure to bring the ire of even your loved ones. No matter how much they love you when you scoff at the things they say and cut them short while they are speaking about something they really care they will and they will learn that you don’t think too much of them. That is not all you must also make them feel that you don’t think too much of anybody even the human race and this will make them very angry as not everyone can cross their soul out and give it up for a perpetual state of misery. Devalue people and lash out at what they do making them feel bad about things which are wrong in the society and if you run out of those things then lash out at them for things which are not okay in the world and this will tell them to keep away from you as they can see what you have become- a volcano of vitriol. It is one of the surest ways to be unattractive the hateful speech that people listen too will be too difficult to override for them and appreciate your looks.

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#6. Become a Burden

You are very good looking and people want to be with you but the one you are in a relationship with is the only person who sees you for who you are and this is something which the people who secretly covet you will not welcome. No matter how good looking you are if you need your partner to help you with maintenance of your lifestyle and are over-dependent on them for all things big and small then it won’t take them long to be annoyed with you and resent their relationship with you so if you want to ditch anyone who you don’t fancy anymore or who you only got together with because they gave wind to your beauty and you bought their talk in that moment then you need to become a burden and make the person fall out of love with you.

#7. Lie

If you lie all the time then no one will pin you down as a person who has integrity and this will get them on your bad side instead of on your good side because they know that liars are people who no one can trust and they will soon turn on the person who they enter into an agreement with. You must lie about little things and let the person know that you don’t practice what you preach so that they know that they have to be wary around you and figure you out so that they know what it that they must believe is and what is it that they shouldn’t. No one will be looking to have a good relationship with this type of a person as lying makes you unattractive and untrustworthy.

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Tells us how you made yourself unattractive from good looking. Drop comments in the comment section below.

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