How to Gain More by Doing Less in Life?

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How to Gain More by Doing Less in Life?

Gaining anything in life does not necessarily come from burning the midnight oil. Gone are the days when people used to slave away at work to achieve something. Things have undergone a sea change, and humans have gained a lot in all fields. People have resorted to the novel and innovative strategies to strive for the best results by working minimum at a specific period of time. Smartness and dexterity are what rules today. By the virtue of adroitness and a little alert mind, one can scale heights and get maximum possible results.

Toiling hard is a positive thing but is not fruitful on all occasions. Some people slog like a dog and get nothing in return. The person ends up in the state of grief. Add to that the pressure of pending work, and it adds insult to the injury. “What further harm can you do a fish which has been caught and fried and served up with sauce?” – Anton Chekov

Some people wake up at the crack of the dawn and consistently work till the witching hour, some get results, some don’t. A number of efforts we put in to decide the outcome but smartness in most cases has the last say. We are surrounded by enormous responsibilities and have to fulfill them in order to be successful, gain respect, earn money and what not. Less doesn’t always mean you have to taper off a number of endeavors, it also suggests something different from what others are doing in a better and clever way without exhausting yourself.

We have to open our brains and sometimes pick others’ brains as well in order to bring in new ideas and let the creative juices flow so that we can accomplish more. Working for a short time can give you the same results like working on the end for a number of days or months. It is basically the creativity that helps us achieve more. The trick is to work intermittently and occasionally by introducing breaks in your routine in order to veg out. An exhausted body can never produce results. Manage your energy and the level of work you can produce and complete your tasks on the specified day itself, or else the work gets multiplied and then it becomes extra which becomes a burden to complete, which is not always completed. Therefore do not shirk your work and pray do not enslave yourself to work. Have fun while working.

Select the work you are best at. Do not touch the topics which make you uncomfortable and difficult to deal with. Every individual has a certain area of interest and you can cull your own from the assortment but make sure you do not enter into something which is not your cup of tea. Hone your skills in which you excel, this will help you in saving time and will save you the trouble of not whooshing into an unfamiliar territory.

Time management is very important as it helps one to curate the work. People should spend their time mastering something which they are already best at and should reserve a time for things on which they want to improve. This brings effectiveness in a work and you can easily distinguish between different amounts of time spent.

Inventing things on their own can really prove detrimental for people. Assumptions only make you inefficient in that they do not always match your expectations. We should do away with assumptions as much as possible, and it is better to try two different methods and choose the best one which is accurate and reliable in lieu of picking anything just for the heck of it. When people can check the reliability and accuracy, they can prevent their many hours from being wasted. This helps in making work easy and you cut many hours.

People can also abide by Parkinson’s Law which means

"work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion"

Set deadlines and try to complete work in one sitting. Do not dilly-dally and make sure you do not start something unless you have completed your first task. For instance, set a time frame; finishing one assignment within two hours – after you have taken this, just stick to it and start the next one after putting an end to the first one. This helps create a balance, and you can achieve more without doing less. Spend more time in important details and projects, profligating time in meaningless things is of no value. There are few things that cannot be rejected no matter how petty they are, make sure include them but do not be rigid on them. Realize the importance of time, as time and tide wait for none.

No one wants to feel the burden and end up in a state of enervation. No one can work constantly without getting tired and when you are all, it results in less productivity. You cannot have desired results if you work yourself out. People should ponder over the significance of time and success. Here are some tips in which can perform well and attain success by doing less:

How To Gain More By Doing Less In Life?

#1. Avoid Multitasking

People often multitask and are not able to give their best in anything. This happens due to a multiplicity of tasks. Handling various tasks at a time can make you inefficient and you get no results. Your attention is divided and every task is left unattended. Go for one task at a time, your energy will be saved and you won’t be tired.

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#2. Get Your MED

MED is Minimum Effective Dose, though it is a medical term, yet it is something in which you get maximum results with minimum efforts. Choose subjects and tasks; in sleeping, eating, working, teaching, meetings, etc., and check for options which do not tire you out. For instance, if you are a teacher you can teach 3 classes with continuous breaks in between so that the entire process does not look tedious and hectic for you. You only achieve success when at peace. Workload only increases your stress and pressure thereby destroying your peace, which further leads to a negative impact on your productivity and outcome.

#3. Learn To Pause

Working, say in the region of ten to twelve hours, is downright exhausting. Grilling yourself for a long period of time at a stretch takes you nowhere. People must incorporate breaks within their schedule so that they are energized and focused on their tasks. If you cannot learn to stop doing things, you cannot reach where you want to. You have to stop doing something, be it anything, it is just about impossible to carry out multiple tasks at a time. Make a to-do list in which you can select the jobs you can easily do without carrying a burden with you. Scheduling things are perhaps the best thing to attain maximum results.

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#4. Study More

Knowledge is the key to success in every field. It helps you know things and one must start implementing the studies. It is often observed that people have a lot of knowledge but they fail to put it in practice, and hence they lag behind. It is better to study more and look for the ideas that are meaningful and worth pondering. Do not run after ideas that are not at all essential. Knowledge is power and you can achieve more by doing less with the help of knowledge.

#5. Be Consistent

The abrupt beginnings and endings ruin the entire process of any task, do things which make you consistent. Try to be consistent and do not get carried away by distractions and extra work. Do not keep anything surplus, with consistency comes great concentration and it makes you more efficient. Some people owing to the dearth of consistency leave a life of discomfort and misery because they cannot eventually achieve their goals and objectives.

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#6. Ask For Help

People must learn the art of delegation to achieve more by doing less. One must learn to help others and also seek aid from others, so that their work gets accomplished on time without any obstacles. One can guide others if one well-versed in on an area, this also helps in creating strong bonds among people. Moreover, if you share ideas, you get more ideas.

Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.” - John Steinbeck

When you empower others with your ideas, you become a well of information and wealth and imagination.

#7. Create Boundaries

People must create boundaries and must learn to protect them. They should learn to say no because when you are accepting something, you are naturally rejecting the other one. You cannot go on doing about everything, therefore it is important to say no to things.

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Recognize who is important and what is significant. One must have a filter in our lives so that junk can be driven away easily and unwanted bits remain out of our reach.

Hope you guys liked the articles. Now that you know how to achieve more, you can too share your opinions. Do share your views in the comments

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