How to know if your Child is Gifted or just Smart?

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How to know if your Child is Gifted or just Smart?

For every mother or father, their child is unique, and there’s no denial of the fact that the statement is true. But the problem occurs when the parents assume that their child is gifted, whereas they're not. Just because your child started walking a little faster than the other children of the same age doesn't mean they're gifted. Though, it seriously means your child is a fast learner and would grow up to be a smart individual.

Every child is born unique, yet there are some children who have exceptional abilities within them from their birth. And, no matter how much you deny or overlook them, you'll be compelled to praise them for their extraordinary abilities.

So, how to find out if your child is unique, smart, or really gifted? How can you tell if your child possesses qualities like the baby Bobby Fischer, the youngest American Chess Grandmaster who defeated the Russian Grandmaster Boris Spassky? Some psychologists claim that it isn’t that difficult and it’s all about genes. So, if you have it in you, it’s definitely in your child, and if it is the case, the remarkable abilities will be visible apparently.

How To Identify If Your Child Is Gifted Or Smart

#1. Early Milestone

Gifted children are fast learners or let's just simply say they're very impatient, unlike other children who take their time to learn things. Every child has their own pace of learning things and growing up, whereas, gifted ones achieve certain milestones faster than others. Simple things like walking, crawling, and even speaking; if your child is gifted, he/she will learn these things before the average time.

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#2. Extraordinary Language Learning Skills

In general, an average baby takes at least 6 months time to start learning languages. However, gifted babies are very fast learners as mentioned above. Thus they will start comprehending and displaying their interests towards books that you read to them.

In addition, it takes a normal baby 3 years to start speaking in full sentences and leave the baby talks behind. But, if your child is really gifted, they won't take that much time, they will start speaking in full sentences by at least 14 months. And, by the time they grow up to 18 months, they will start talking and following directions from you.  

#3. Sharp Memory

If you happen to follow some special TV shows on science and discovery, where they showcase some extra talented individuals, you might have seen those with the Rubik's cube. It took me 7-8 days to complete the Rubik's cube, whereas, these guys completed the Rubik's cube in mere seconds. Gifted children are born with good memory power, and they are very good with time and places.

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#4. Problem Solving Abilities

Gifted children's brain works like that of an older child. These children have abilities to solve problems that are meant for children beyond their age. So, if you find your child escaping the baby gates by stacking objects, your child is a genius.

#5. Better Focus

There's a difference between staring and focusing, and, as parents, we sometimes get confused when we see our children really paying attention. It might not sound unusual, but when it happens in an age when other children often lose interest in bedtime stories, your child is listening with full attention. It’s said that toddlers with better focus are often the gifted ones.

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#6. Very Alert In Nature

You might not believe it, but if you see your toddler looking into your eyes while you speak to them, the chances are that they can understand you very well. Young gifted infants are very alert from their birth and actually turn their heads when they hear someone speaking, and they might even look you in the eye if they understand whatever you’re talking.

#7. They Like Mature Company

Gifted kids are older than their age. They may look like a 6-month-old crawling infant, but they might have maturity like that of a 2-year child. Gifted children love to stay in the company of older companions; they do not just feel comfortable with them but also learn from them.

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#8. Too Sensitive

Smart kids are just emotional, but the gifted ones have more complex and intense emotions. If your kid is gifted, they will be able to tell whether the person next to him/her is feeling bad or not. If your child is being too sentimental or showing empathy towards others emotions, you can assume that your child is a gifted one.

#9. Have Trouble Sleeping

Being smart makes your kid a little better than the others, but being gifted makes your kid stand out of the league. Studies have often suggested that gifted kids have an overactive brain that is so stimulated that it becomes difficult to sleep. So, if your child is not able to sleep well, it's not because they're suffering from any kind of problem, it's because they are gifted.

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#10. Bookworms By Choice

This is no doubt a trait of a gifted child. Smart kids develop a habit to get into the books when they grow of the ideal age, but if your child is gifted, they will be into books in an age when they should be learning to read. Most gifted kids are bookworms, and by the time you finish one book, you'll find them adding one more completed book in the list.

#11. They Are Very Focused On A Specific Subject

Smart kids are very good in studies, and they do quite well in all the subjects. But, if your kid is gifted, he/she might not be good with every subject, but beyond exceptional in any specific subject. Taking an example of Albert Einstein, he was very poor in studies, but he was so good in maths that he got into a college even before he completed his school.

#12. Keen Sense Of Curiosity

Normal children don't give a shit about anything, they just want to play. Whereas, smart children are curious about everything and they will ask too many questions. But, if your child is gifted, they might display an extremely keen sense of curiosity.

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#13. Prefers Playing Alone

Smart babies are the ones who always win the games which are played among children of similar age. But, if your baby is gifted, he/she would prefer playing alone because the other kids of their age would be boring for them.

#14. They Have A Bold Personality

In most cases, introverts are considered smart, and they indeed are. But, some kids are very good in socializing and have a very bold personality from a very young age. Thus, if your kid has the enthusiasm and energy to get along with people, your kid might be gifted.

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How To Test If Your Child Is Gifted Or Smart

Though it might not be possible for you, as a parent, to find out if your child is gifted or not unless they start grade schools. But, if your child is having problems in sleeping, has anxiety along with nightmares, or he/she is feeling issues in socializing; it's better to consult a psychiatrist. Ask the preschool teachers or management to refer some good doctor who can test your child for giftedness.

It's not necessary for a gifted child to be born with exceptional abilities, some are even born with learning disabilities. So, it's upon you to promote them with unconditional love and support to nurture their intellect and bring out the best in them.  

Whether your child is gifted or not, they have a unique quality which should be preserved at every cost. We hope you liked the article. Let us know what you feel about the topic using the comment section.

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