How to make a Healthy Smoothie without Yogurt?

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How to make a Healthy Smoothie without Yogurt?

Smoothie, as we all know, is a creamy beverage made with the pulp of vegetables and fruits. It can be consumed in any weather, though it is preferred in the hot summer days with full of ice cubes and fruity flavors. Smoothies are named after an English word that is smooth. It means gentle creamy, or silky as we have our thick and creamy smoothies.

Smoothies are simple to make and simpler to consume. The taste buds start craving once we even talk about it. Select your favorite wonderful fruits and vegetables and get to business. This beverage also contains a bunch of healthy minerals, fibers, and vitamins as the 80 percent of the smoothie are made of fruits and vegetables. The obvious reasons suggest that smoothies are extremely healthy for any season to come. So, what are you waiting for?

Let us now explore mouthwatering smoothies which can be made without the use of yogurt:

#1. Strawberry Smoothie

Smoothies made of strawberry are extremely famous because they simply have so high quantity of vitamins mixed in it. More than that, strawberry is a flavor which is loved by everyone. In this specific recipe, you can add 8 to 10 strawberries and keep 2 for garnishing, 1 tablespoon of honey and sugar to taste with ice cubes for the desired texture. Serving it the moment you make it will never disappoint you. You can prepare this smoothie replacing the main fruit with any berry fruit you like.

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#2. Mango Smoothie

Who doesn’t like the different flavor of mango in a smoothie? It’s pulpy and delicious. Add two cups of frozen mangoes, mint leaves, crushed ice, a little ginger, sugar or honey (as per your taste) and replace yogurt with coconut milk. This will give an enriched flavor of mango and coconut together. Sounds delicious? Isn’t it.

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#3. Pineapple Smoothie

Let’s admit it, eating pineapple generally is a heck of a job. But pineapple smoothie gives you a lifetime solution for having pineapple flavor. Add one cup of fresh, canned pineapple slices, ice cubes, sugar (to taste) and half a cup of milk or coconut water. You can even add orange juice in this particular smoothie which will taste heavenly. Serve the smoothie instantly for the best taste.

(Image Courtesy: Cook Diary)

#4. Watermelon Smoothie

That’s a new flavor, of course, watermelon is not frequently used in smoothies. However, watermelon smoothies taste delicious. Ripe the watermelon ( a quarter of a big melon and half of a small one). We are using this much watermelon as we are not going to add water. Melons already contain a lot of water. Also, make sure that you freeze the melon after ripping it as we are not using any ice as well. Add lime juice and mint leaves in the grinding jar and you’re good to go.

(Image Courtesy: Archana's Kitchen)

#5. Banana Cheery Smoothie

The smoothies made with cherries are very relaxing and appetizing. If you think cherries are good on their own, then you are going to get a surprise! Show some efforts for your smoothie and add banana as well. Blend cherries, frozen banana slices, honey, almond or normal milk and ice cubes for texture. You can certainly use cinnamon or cocoa powder to this smoothie.

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#6. Grape Smoothie

We are living in an age where junk food and unhealthy food is everywhere. But, everyone strives to stay fit. Smoothies are an excellent way to refresh yourselves and also keeps you healthy. Try grape smoothie instead of the usual banana smoothie. Add frozen grapes, sliced a frozen banana, honey and one cup fresh almond milk, ice cubes, and blend.

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Try these tastiest smoothies and share your views in the comment section.

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