How to make your app popular among users?

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“Virality is something that has to be engineered from the beginning…and it’s harder to create virality than it is to create a good product. The reason that over $150 billion is spent on US advertising each year is that virality is so hard. If virality was easy, there would be no advertising industry.” 一Josh Kopelman, Venture Capitalist, Founder of

You should create a promotional strategy using a combination of the 7 methods mentioned below.

1. Focus on App Store Optimization (ASO)

2. Promote the App on Your Website

3. Develop Email Marketing Campaigns

4. Use Social Media

5. Create In-App and Online Ads

6. Develop a Public Relations Strategy

7. Create Offline Campaigns

To attract mobile app users, you should analyze your audience, plan a promotional campaign, and stick to it. No matter what methods you choose, test content on small target audience groups, calculate your budget, and measure the success of your campaign. No marketing campaign can save a bad app, so, of course, focus on creating a good product in the first place. 

In such a competitive market, Hire Angular App developers, who focus on the customer and completely tailor their services. Also developers should follow mobile application development trends. This includes everything from relevance, usability and design. When developers have covered all of these factors fully, then their app will be much more successful than it would have been without investigating uses and users further.

A popular app is the highest achievement on iTunes and Google Play. It’s an app that customers eagerly share across the Internet, through social networks, email, chat, and word of mouth. It’s like rocket fuel. 

Here are some tips for app marketing-

1- Make it effortless

2- Focus on the home page

3- Good digital marketing

4- High social media presence

5- Rewards

6- Friendly user interface

You can follow these tips, and here I recommend Tekshapers, who provide the best app development services across all over the world.

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