How to secure your ATM / Debit card

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How to secure your ATM / Debit card

Advanced technology is not only improving the way we are living, but also creating new kinds of threats to us. Hence, it is important to protect ourselves from the cons of technology. When we come across any news with regard to security threat related to ATM cards, we become so upset. Hence, it is always recommended to take measures to protect ATM Cards from unauthorized access. Securing your ATM card plays a key role to protect your account from unauthorized access.

Here are the safety tips to secure your ATM card.

1. Update Your Contact Information with the Bank

You must notify about any changes with regard to your contact details. Update your mobile number, address and email id details to the bank. By updating these details, you can get notifications regarding any sort of suspicious transactions.

2. Be Careful with Online Payments

Do not proceed for online payments in public hotspots. Look for security symbols like “lock” icon for ensuring the security of the transaction. Make sure to shop only with credible merchants.

3. Keep an Eye on Transaction History

Make it a habit to check the transaction history and balance of your account on a regular basis. If you have come across any suspicious activity, notify the bank on urgent basis.

4. Make a Note of Customer Service Number

Make a note of the customer service number/emergency hotline number. These numbers are helpful in cases of emergency. You need not get panic when you lose the card. Make a call and inform them about the instance immediately. If your debit card gets jammed in the ATM, call the helpline immediately.

5. Destroy the Old card after Receiving the Replacement Card

If your debit card does not function, you can place a request for a new card. In such cases, you must make sure to destroy the old card after receiving the replacement. Destroy the chip after cutting across the magnetic strip.

6. Press ‘Cancel’ Key After Completing the Transaction

As soon as you withdraw the amount or check the balance from the ATM, make sure to press ‘cancel’ before moving away. Also, remember to collect your card and transaction slip.

7. Shred the Transaction Slip

If you request for transaction slip, shred it immediately. It is better if you do not request a transaction slip as you get notifications to your mobile immediately after the transaction. Transaction slip also contains the details of your account.

8. Be Smart with PIN

Do not write your PIN details anywhere. Make sure to memorize your debit card PIN. And always try to change the PIN at regular intervals. This is to ensure protection to your account. Also, make sure to enter the PIN only after using your hand as a shield for the keypad. Also, do not share the PIN details with your friends and family members.

9. Do not Seek Help from Strangers at the ATM

Do not request for help from strangers for using your ATM card. Do not give the chance of handling your cash to strangers.

10. Update your International Travel Details with Your Bank

If you are planning to use your debit card abroad, make sure to update the bank about destination details and travel dates with the bank. Otherwise, your card may get blocked for suspicious activity.

11. Do not Share OTP

OTP is a one-time password code. This code generates when you try to pay online transactions. This code is sent to your mobile number for verifying the transaction. In fact, OTP acts as a final line of defense. Banks never ask for OTP. If you get any call requesting for OTP, be cautious and inform the bank about such instances. If you share your OTP for unauthorized transactions, you are bidding adieu to your money.

12. Beware of Skimming Devices on ATM

ATM skimming can be regarded as a technique used by fraudsters to capture the details from your debit card. With the collected data, fraudster creates a cloned card. You must note that some skimming devices do not stop the ATM to read the data. Hence, the user might not get any doubt with regarding the fraud. Before using any ATM, be vigilant. If you notice any unusual fascia of ATM, make sure to report immediately.

By being vigilant and alert, you can ensure protection to your debit card. Any negligence in securing the debit card may result in the financial loss.  

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