How to find My IP Address?

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How to find My IP Address?

While browsing the net, often times we find technical jargons wherein IP address is the most sought-after. After doing a bit research on the same, I found out that my IP (Internet Protocol) address is the unique set of characters which is assigned to each electronic device that uses the internet. This IP address is required by the remote computer to know what is my location and differentiates my device from the rest of them.

Once you have understood what IP address is, its time to know how to trace your IP address. Finding your IP address varies in different operating systems. Check out the ways below:

#1. Trace IP Address For Windows

Windows users can find their IP address by following these steps:

#a. Click Start then select Run

#b. Type ‘cmd’ in the box and press OK

#c. Type ‘ipconfig’ in the prompt.

Voila! All the details related to your IP address will be displayed.

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#2. Trace IP Address For Mac

The IP address details of Mac computers will be available here:

#a. Open utility folder

#b. Select Applications and open Terminal Program

#c. Type ‘ifconfig’ in the prompt

And there it is, all that you wanted to know about your IP address.

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#3. Trace IP Address For Linux

Tracing IP address is simplest for Linux users.

#a. Simply type ‘ifconfig’ in the prompt.

All the details will be opened after that.

In the case of electronic devices, there is two IP address. One is the internal IP address that is assigned by the router (from which your phone is connected). The other IP address is the external IP address assigned to the device by the internet service provider.

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Here is how to find android phone’s IP address:

#1. By Phone

#a. Go to the settings, select wireless controls.

#b. Choose the wifi network settings

#c. A dialogue box appears with your IP address.

It’s actually that easy!

#2. By Web Browser (of phone)

Simply type ‘’ or ‘’ and your device’s IP address will be shown.

At times, you might want to make some configuration changes that is only possible if you are aware of your assigned IP address by the router. This IP address is referred to as the external or public IP address. You can find your public IP address by using the website like ‘’.

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There's another way to find your public IP Address. Just go to the router's administration page, and there is your public IP address right in front of you!

Do you have any particular thoughts related to this topic? Then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and comment!

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No, they should not be kept Private

simply type in google search box and find your IP address from google's answer box. You don't need any app to find your own IP, but still if you want to track someone's IP from remote location, you need an app and some hacking techniques. It might be illegal to trace IP address of someone else.

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