How to Correct a bad First Impression?

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How to Correct a bad First Impression?

Did you leave a bad first impression on someone unknowingly? Apprehension and anxiety are probably restricting your power to work and focus on anything else because you have created a hurdle for yourself. And now people tell you that there are no second chances to make the right first impression? Is first impression the last impression? They are wrong. Yes! They are. You can correct your first bad impression.

We are humans! We make mistakes! But sometimes these mistakes may make a bad impression in front of those people you wanted to impress. It could be either your date or your boss. One cannot afford to be the speck in the eye of either one of them because one is someone you are really fond of and the other is someone who can offer you an ocean of opportunities for your bright career. So, let's explore how to undo the first impression on them! But before that, let's begin with the basic.

What is Impression?

An impression is an opinion or an idea we create about a person either intentionally or unknowingly.  However, much significance is given to the first impression. So what exactly is the first impression? The first impression is the feeling about a person when we first meet them. They are usually created unintentionally and within less than 7 seconds! However, an opinion made at first sight in less than 7 seconds cannot judge a person’s capabilities and caliber.

There are various ways in which a person may have misfired his/her first impression. 

#1. Tried Too Hard To Please Everyone

These are some points to avoid when you want to make a good impression. If you try too hard then people may form an impression that you are a flatterer or a sycophant.

#2. Put Across A Platter Of Irrelevant Questions

When irrelevant questions are asked it becomes irritable for the listener, and it also shows that you are not prepared.

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#3. Pass A Stereotypical/Biased Remark

Try not to make a prejudiced statement or statements based on religion, community or a language because it may upset the person you are talking to or someone who overhears you. You do not want to make enemies already.

#4. Spill Beans About Your Personal Life

A conversation involving your personal relationships or incidents is like talking about the personal life of a director of a movie you just watched. When you are at a formal place your private life is the last thing your employers want to hear from you. Stick to your educational qualifications and a little familial background would be fine if asked. If you are meeting a potential partner, then it is not necessary to speak about your personal life because you cannot trust someone you just met with your little secrets.

If you have ended up making any of these mistakes and created a first bad impression then, here's what you must know! This is not the end of life. You have not committed a heinous crime to which court’s judgment would not change. Do not worry. We are here to rescue you from your first bad impression at work, first bad impression on a date or a first bad impression at school. Follow these ways to make not the first but the second good abiding impression.

#1. Confront The Concerned

The best way to improve your first bad impression would be to confront the person and apologize. In this situation being straightforward would be the best solution if you want to set things right. Tell them that you think you were wrong and perhaps they may forgive you for you acknowledged your mistakes as it takes immense courage to accept your mistakes. This will also show them that you are a compassionate person for whom other people’s feelings are important. Honesty is the most precious jewel everyone wants to have. Your honesty will keep you close to them.

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#2. Remind Them They Are Kind

Before or after you have apologized, you must remind them that they are very kind and forgiving. This trick will always help because it will make the person you want to apologize to feel superior and that they need to be merciful. Appreciate their open-mindedness and hard work. Praising is the simplest form of flattery which can work wonders if done the right way. Make sure you do not over-apologize. Your worth is still more than a petty error that you made.

#3. Intentions

It is necessary to make them aware of your intentions so dictate how you did not want to hurt anybody’s sentiments, it was a result of over excitement and nervousness. If your date or colleagues are compassionate then they will understand the reason behind what you did. A writer may write a tragic novel that everybody does not like at first but once you read it thoroughly you understand the real intentions and the cause behind writing it. The reason why it is said, “Never judge a book by its cover” is that what may appear, may not be true.

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#4. Be Yourself.

The most significant part of making your first bad impression correct is that you do not repeat the mistake you made at first. Be consistent in your behavior and portray an attitude that is different from the impression you have made. Avoid wearing a façade, you will become the subject for gossips which will not improve your image in any way. Volunteer in assignments which will highlight your qualities. Stay humble and help everyone around you. Let your qualities advocate for you but remember don’t try too hard. Be yourself and be the best you can be.

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#5. Pick A Conversation

Initiate a conversation that might be of interest to them and you. Do not make judgments, rather take a positive stance on a situation or a topic you are talking about. This practice does not only help in building a good relationship, but it will also help you have a positive stance in life. Ask them for advice on certain matters where you need help. You will be building trust with that person when you ask them for advice, and they will trust you as well when they share their opinion with you. You may simply ask them to recommend you a list of songs or movies.

#6. Collaborate/ Meet Again

If you had a bad experience on your first date or a bad impression, it is suggested that you give it another chance. Sometimes stars are not in our favor on a specific day but that doesn’t mean that we stop trying. Meet your date again or arrange another meeting with your colleague/employer to resolve the issue. You will have plenty of time to revamp your first bad impression. Volunteer for a project at work with the person so you get more time to understand them and for them to understand you. Repeated interactions will gradually build trust.

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#7. Take Time

It is an universally acknowledged fact that haste is of the devil. Do not act in a hurry to undo your first bad impression as you might end up birthing a bigger mistake. Give the person some space to re-think and contemplate about your behavior. Calm down your nerves and time will heal everything. Eventually, people will understand your behavior and your thought process. We all change our opinions of a person after some point in time. The first impression will not be the last one.

Some Tips To Make A Good First Impression

#1. Be punctual

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#2. Dress appropriately according to the event

#3. Be attentive

#4. Maintain eye contact

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#5. Communicate

#6. Gather information about the subject

If these tips and tricks help you or if you know of any other trick that works then share it with us in the comments section below.

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We find ourselves many times in embarrassment after making certain errors that lead to bad first impression at work, bad first impression at a date and also bad first impression at school. Before we make a bad first impression like a lot of other people it is very important to know the ways in which we can prepare ourselves to make a good impression. Always be prepared for the event or the day when people may form the first impression of you. Gather all the information about the institution or the person you are going to meet. Know about the background and history, the likes and dislikes so that you do not hurt their sentiments in any manner or become a target of their anger.

Dress decently appropriate of the event because our appearance makes the most of the first impression. How we dress up describes our personality and seriousness for work. Good hygiene and cleanliness are attractive to a lot of people and employers. Not just the clothes but also well-combed hair and appropriate accessories put in a lot of good impressions. So, dress accordingly.

Reach your destination either before or on time. Nobody likes people who make you wait and especially if you want to make a good impression at work then punctuality is the key. It also shows your interest to work.

Greet people with a smile and keep a smile throughout (not a creepy one). A smile will symbolize for warmth and compassion as a part of your personality. A constant eye contact is a must because it shows that you are confident and prepared.

The body posture should be attentive and straight. Your body posture should show that you are interested in them and keen to know more about them.

These are some basics that one should keep in mind if you do not want to make a bad first impression because the first impression is the last impression.

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