Is First Impression The Last Impression?

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Is First Impression The Last Impression?

They say never judge a book by its cover, but innately, all of us do so. Not deliberately, but it is our subconscious mind that makes these decisions before we even realize it. According to a study, we make our minds perceive within milliseconds of meeting someone whether we like that person or not. Yes, not even long enough for that person to say “Hi.”

A study conducted by psychologists from Canada, Belgium and the US also observed that first impressions are the ones that last the longest. Our mind binds the contradicting impressions that we make after the first to the context in which they were made, and our first impression of a person defines our general belief about that individual. So, believe them when people say you don’t get the second chance to make the first impression.

Probably that's why, an employer decides whether to hire you or not, and people decide whether they want to date you or not by just looking at you and with the first few words that come out of your mouth. In this scenario, it becomes crucial to make a positive first impression. Though it may sound simple, leaving a lasting positive impression requires a strategic approach. 

Check out the five tips that will help you in this process.

#1. Maintain Your Body Language

Body language is among the most crucial aspects of making a lasting first impression. Simply by being aware of your body language, you can improve it by leaps and bounds. To see how others see you, make a video of yourself walking around in a room and watch it.

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#2. Smile

As far as making a good first impression is concerned, facial expressions are among the most important features. A smile is a positive sign, and symbolize that you welcome people to interact with you. You don’t want to have an evil smirk or a fake ear to ear smile that would shoo people away. A simple, decent grin would do the job for you.

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#3. Look Interested and Be Interesting

Can’t you figure out when the other person is interested in the conversation and when not? Well, others can also tell if you wish to learn about their lives or are two seconds away from yawning. When you are meeting people for the first time, approach them with a genuine interest in learning about them; this will lead to building better connections.

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#4. Focus On Your Handshake

Most people disregard it, but a proper handshake is an art, which only a few master. An international sign of politeness, a handshake conveys your confidence to the other person. You don’t want an incredibly tight nor a limp fish handshake when meeting someone for the first time. It should be firm and strong.

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#5. Eye Contact

Your eyes say what lips don’t. Besides telling the level of your confidence, they also tell whether you want to continue the conversation or not. In many cultures, like in the US, your eye contact defines your respect to the other person.

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Tell us what other ways you know that can help in making a lasting first impression through comments below.

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