How to write Email, How to address multiple people in an email

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How to write email when you communicate with multiple people in a email.

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The best thing that gets us to communicate with more people professionally is the ability to send out multiple emails to people. When we get to email people the professional communication becomes even easier and it becomes possible for us to make sure that we are doing all that we can to keep in touch and be updated regarding all the professional progress we are making. One of the important things to keep in mind and know about email and the ability to use it to our best advantage is the fact that we need to know how we are going to be able to send out emails to more than one person in case we are looking at sending the same email to a bunch of people.
It will not be a great idea to make it a point to sit and copy past or to write the same set of information and send it out as different mails to people. All you will need to do is to make it a point to fill in one of the email id at the place where it is mentioned ‘To’ and then you will need to fill in all the other email addresses where it is mentioned ‘Cc’.

For a lot of purposes it becomes important to make sure that we are able to send the email to a bunch of
people who need to receive the same email, with the same set of information attached to it. In such a
case it will be extremely time consuming in order to make sure that you are coping and pasting the same
email and then sending it to all those people. It may be possible for you to do so in case you are sending
it to a few people may be not more than four or five. But, what do you really do when you need to send
the same email to more than ten people, or in case you need to send it to your entire office. 
All you will need to do is to write a new email, then you will have to address to one person in the section
that says ‘To’ and then just fill in all those other email id’s of all the other recipients I the section saying
‘Cc ‘.

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