IGCSE Schools are the Best Schools in Malad West

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When trying to find the best schools in the city for your children, the IGCSE schools in Malad West come to mind. With the plethora of boards like CBSE, ICSE and SSC, IGCSE schools stand apart in terms of curriculum, learning methods and opportunities. To parents who want their children to study abroad and avail those opportunities, Cambridge IGCSE is the gateway and these schools are the best there is to offer. Below are some of the many benefits:
International Recognition and Opportunities

Some of the best opportunities lie across the shores. Parents want to provide the best opportunities for their children and the best schools in Malad West provide just that. Cambridge IGCSE is the stepping stone to future international schooling and employment. It carries more weight that other certifications and plays a notable role in helping children secure admissions in universities. It also stands out on a resume for future employers.
Unique Grading System

IGCSE schools follow an 8 point grading system from A+ to G, with A+ being the highest possible grade. Each assessment is not limited to conventional written papers but includes listening and hearing tests.
Hands-On Approach to Learning

The IGCSE system puts the learner in the middle of all aspects of the curriculum. The teaching and learning exercises are designed for optimal understanding and flexible to take into account the individual students’ learning curve. This is why these schools remain to be some of the best IGCSE schools in Malad West.
Challenging to Students

Unlike other boards, the IGCSE system challenges the student and inculcates a natural curiosity and need to understand. It approaches the subject matter in a very logical way and urges the students to develop their own methods instead of mindlessly repeating statements and rewriting them.
Engaging Subjects

Subjects are divided in to 5 Groups lets students choose in each group which subjects would benefit them the most in their preferred career choice.
•         Group 1:  Languages (First Language, Second Language, Foreign Language, etc.)
•         Group 2:  Humanities and Social Sciences (Geography, English Literature, History, etc.)
•         Group 3:  Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc.)
•         Group 4:  Mathematics (Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, etc.)
•         Group 5:  Creative, Technical & Vocational (Accounting, Business Studies, Computer Studies, Music, etc.)

With the learning process being extremely flexible and learner-centric, IGCSE schools remain to be one of the best schools in Malad West. They provide the best opportunities and create tailor-made curriculum for students’ individual career paths. They nurture a hands-on experience and make students question everything and take a logical approach to understanding the subject matter. That is why these schools are the best schools in Malad West.

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