Is India trying to breakthrough the gender cliche by organizing a transgender beauty pageant?

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Is India trying to breakthrough the gender cliche by organizing a transgender beauty pageant?

India is going to host a transgender beauty pageant. It is going to a stereotype quantum leap. This is really going to be amazing for the transgender people to be able to find a platform to display their talent. 

I am glad and proud at the same time that India is going to showcase a beauty pageant for them. What do you think is going to be the reaction of the people?

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I think people are very supportive to India hosting its first transgender beauty pageant. Though the transgender have not been treated fairly in India but the scenario is changing. People have started to understand the pain and the trauma these people have to grow through their whole lives. The people living in the urban have started to get rid of the stereotypes but those who live in the rural and the remote are still attached to the stigmas.  
Miss Transqueen India was held in a hotel in Gurgaon which was full of glamor. I think we should be more welcoming to such ideas of gender fluidity and equality because that is the need of the hour. The transgender are people like us and they have a right to be seen and heard. India will be successful in breaking the gender clichés if such events are more supported and held in the coming future.

In a hotel in Gurgaon, beauty queens from all across India helped to make history this Sunday when they competed in the country's first ever transgender beauty pageant.

Miss Transqueen India aimed to celebrate gender fluidity and augment the profile of India's trans community. The winner was presented with an opportunity to represent India at the International Queen pageant in Thailand in March 2018.

The event featured plenty of glitter and glamour but unlike other pageants, Miss Transqueen India declared all the participants "winners," in recognition of their struggle for acceptance and recognition. Miss Transqueen India is the child of Reena Rai, a former business owner. Rai was inspired to create the pageant after hearing out from a number of ‘hijras’, an ostracized group of male-to-female transgendered people in India.

The event was overseen by a panel of 11 judges, consisting of Ms. Transsexual Australia and transgender activist Gauri Sawant, who declared 26-year-old Kolkata-based Nitasha Biswas as India's very first "Trans Queen."

India's supreme court legally gave transgender people the right to identify as a third gender in 2014. The law may have been hailed as a victory by activists, but many in the trans community still face discrimination in everyday life.

India's hijras have been considered holy as they played a pivotal role in the Hindu mythology dating back to over 3,000 years. During the Mughal era in India, they held significant power as they served as royal advisers and protectors of royal harems.

At present, India is the home to a vibrant LGBT community that covers a wide spectrum of people. By hosting an event paying respect and love to the transgender community if our country, India surely I son it’s way to remove all the barriers to modernization. Organizing a transgender beauty pageant is surely a step towards breaking through the gender cliché which unfortunately has been prevailing in the country for centuries now.

The audience at the event may be small but was incredibly supportive. India has been trying to put behind the archaic believes and move towards a brighter future which is much more accepting and mindful.

Beauty is meant to be appreciated, be it a male, female or a transgender. Every human is born with the right to express themselves, and what better than a beauty pageant.

Events like these will not only become the pride of the nation but will surely show the future generations a way to lead their lives. We hope that the country keeps its spirits alive and provide the less supportive communities the platform to showcase their talents and skills.


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