A Graphic Tale Of A Transsexual Model Who Chose Fashion As Her Career

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A Graphic Tale Of A Transsexual Model Who Chose Fashion As Her Career

Life hasn’t been easy for those who have a gender identity or an expression that differs from their assigned sex. Not because they lack the caliber to maneuver the hustle bustle of the hectic life, but because of their sexual orientation. But isn’t that a personal choice? So why is the society taking a keen interest in expressing its voice against the transsexuals? 

The world will continue to talk for as long as the human race exists, but that should not affect the transgender from progressing in their life. While all of it sounds too utopic, there is a classic example of one among those hundreds of other transsexuals, who chose the path of fashion as the career and is climbing the ladder of success.

Tanu Singh, a young aspiring model, was born as a woman trapped in the body of a man. Her struggle to come out of the closet and disclose her sexual orientation to the world was not easy. She managed to excel it with determination and confidence, becoming a source of inspiration for many who belong to her league.

Her sharp features and gorgeous looks made it hard for many to ascertain her reality. For that matter, when photographer Shivam Mangal and Director/Producer Rahul Vashisht met the beautiful model, they had no idea that she was transgender. After learning about her fight against the society to stand up on her own feet, they came across an innovative idea to initiate a campaign called ‘ Transgender Visibility’ to generate awareness among the people about the hardships faced by the transsexuals to live in the same society, let alone earning a living. 

While the photo-shoot, penned under the watermark ‘Lenquisite,' was shot was Shivam, his partner Rahul conceptualized the shoot that was aimed to break away from the stigmas that revolve around the sexuality and looks of transsexuals. The art with which the duo captured the virtue of the model, displayed the fierce struggle of transgender from birth. The model’s parents were incredibly supportive of her sexual orientation. However, they had their inhibitions about the sex change.

Instead of succumbing to the parent’s choice, the transgender model chose to exercise her wish and underwent the knife to change her sex. The effects of the excruciating pain of the procedure can be seen through some pictures that narrate the painful tale of her existence. The depth in her eyes and the expression on her face is enough to comprehend the hardships they had to overcome to make a position for them in the world.


The transgender model has participated in various beauty pageants and has even walked the ramp for Lakme Fashion Week, yet, the success aspired by her seems like a far-fetched dream. If you look at the pictures, Tanu looks no less than any other model trying to get a break in the industry of entertainment. However, is it her gender identity that is acting as a hindrance in her career graph.

To unleash ourselves from the grip of this mentality, photographer Shivam felt the need to project the story of the transgenders and explain the brutality of nature that tore their individuality into bits. The magnanimity, with which he shot picturesque stills of the model, ferments his belief in the thought that all transsexuals should enjoy the privilege of equality, to be termed as an individual with equal opportunities.

The campaign did not only fight for the third gender but even opened a gate of opportunities for these models to begin their career and achieve their dreams. Following the photo-shoot, Model Tanu Singh received a string of offers that shot her career graph to skyrocketing heights. However, the challenge is far from over or let’s just say it has just begun.

(Image Courtesy: Shivam Mangal & Rahul Vashisht/ Lensquisite By The Filmy Nook )

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Why Not? They Are Normal Human Beings

Yes, they are normal human beings. Why won’t Indians accept the idea? Indian models are human beings and so are transgenders. So what is the harm in accepting the transgender? They are people who chose to break the society clichés and make a difference. I would love to drape my designed clothes on transgender as well. Recently, there was The Lakme Fashion Week where Anjali Lama rocked the stage. She is the first transgender to walk the Fashion Week. It is no more a ‘say no to transgender’ instead its “ Ungender”.

Why Not? They Are Normal Human Beings

They are also humans, they are also birn with full rights.. so we all need support them as they are also like us and part of us inly.

Why Not? They Are Normal Human Beings

Pls support me in positive ways so that I can prove myself n do more good work so that I can be the reason for others and our society accepted us as a third gender because we are also a part of Indian Human society.

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