Has Indian culture vanished with the influence of Western Countries?

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Has Indian culture vanished with the influence of Western Countries?

Culture is defined by many aspects especially the language, religion, social habits, etc. In other words, it implies how we build ourselves socially, ethically and in all directions of development. It should be accepted that all cultures are enriched with some good features as well as bad ones.

Indian culture is an ancient one and is very rich and unique. Although our lifestyles and many aspects of our routines have changed to a great extent to cope with the modern day living conditions, we still maintain our beliefs and values as far as our culture is concerned, since these are rooted deep and we remain the same within our body and soul and this can be attributed to the fact that this phenomenon has a significant link to our culture.

Indian cultural heritage is known for its blending of traditions, religion, language etc. taking into account the widespread territories in India. The unity of people, no matter which religion they belong to, is amazing and this is one of the rich features of Indian culture.

Western culture is more modern and advanced since the values of this culture are related to the development of present-day civilization and hence cannot be termed as deep rooted. The major components of Western culture are capitalism, individual rights, etc. Religion does not play a major role in the western culture, as people are more serious about their happiness together with their desires and needs. It is of least importance as to what others think as western people are buried in their businesses and expect others also to mind their own business.

Influence of western culture – The traditional Indian culture gave more importance to the society and, when an important decision was required to be taken within a family, people were reluctant to take any decision against the wishes of the community they were living in. This trend is slowly changing now with the impact of westernization. For example, love marriages were totally being prohibited 2-3 decades ago, and only parents had the rights to arrange marriages for their children. However, love marriages do take place these days, and the society does not appear to have any violent objections to this scenario anymore. Men were considered superior to women, but this thinking has changed now due to the influence of western culture.

In spite of westernization, Indian culture is never compromised when it comes to celebrating festivals. During festivals, people buy traditional outfits depending on the territories they live, distribute sweets and enjoy the festival in true spirits of the religion that they follow.

The major differences between Indian and Western Cultures are:

• Joint families are very common in Indian culture. The bond that exists between Indian family members is unique and cannot be seen in western culture. In Western culture, children prefer to start their chosen life once they are grown up.

• When it comes to music, Indian culture has its preference on classical, folk, Indian film songs, etc. Western culture prefers jazz, hip-hop, rock music, etc.

• Western culture is more open than Indian culture.

• Indian culture gives more emphasis to the surrounding society. In western culture, society has less importance in an individual’s life.

• Indian culture gives importance to traditional Indian outfits. No traditional outfits exist in western culture and he/she can wear outfits according to their liking.

Conclusion: Some of the features of Western culture that are adopted in India are considered to be worthy of their adoption viz. equal rights for men and women, openness, etc. The lifestyles and characteristics of the society, in general, have been influenced by western culture. While accepting the fact that the influence of western culture is more prominent in the modern day life, Indian culture, most certainly, does exist and can never be erased from our lives as the values of Indian culture are deep rooted. The lifestyles are changed to a great extent because of westernization. However, the core traditions of Indian culture are not at all affected. We continue to celebrate our festivals in true traditional spirits.

It can be concluded that Indian culture has taken some of the good values of the Western culture in its fold without losing its individuality.

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Good Article indeed


Well written !! Western culture has indeed creeped its way to our Indian traditions yet our culture has not lost its touch completely.

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