Why are we Indians trying to adopt the "Western Culture" and forget our "Indian Tradition"?

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Why are we Indians trying to adopt the "Western Culture" and forget our "Indian Tradition"?

Indian tradition has always been loved by everyone due to its oneness and the essence of affection. However, in this generation, we can see people are highly getting attracted towards the western culture. They love following it because that's is trending or that makes them not feel out of the league. Indian tradition is authentic and had been there for ages. The preference is not only restricted to one thing but many. It could be food, dresses and more. 

What do you think is the right culture that must be followed?

Do you want to be a Western Culture Follower or an Indian Culture Follower?

Please share your views in the comment section below

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When it comes to culture, I believe there is no harm in getting influenced by each other's cultures and adopting the good bits. We all live in a globalized world. Everyone is well-connected with the advanced tools of technology. A  number of people from India go to foreign countries to seek better education or growth in career. So is the case with other countries. Many people from abroad come to India to study or otherwise. With many top universities offering exchange programs, the culture of migration has seeped in our society. In such a societal setup, it becomes really difficult to conclude if we are trying to adopt the Western culture or it is coming naturally due to well-connected tools. Imitating a particular culture is a different thing. There is absolutely no use of adopting a particular culture completely as almost every culture includes some pitfalls as well. But, to like some bit of a culture and adopting it does not count for any harm at all. We all have fought a long way to secure our freedom, and even on an individual scale, we should be free to choose and adopt whatever we want to. Even Indian culture has some prejudices and stereotypes which should have been done away with a  long time ago. The Western culture also harbors some practices that do not do any good to human beings. Therefore, we can just rate different cultures according to our own beliefs and then pick the one we think of as a better option.

I completely agree with you. There is no denying the fact that the Western culture is rapidly taking us over. From the food that we eat to and the clothes that we wear to the kind of music that we listen, everything seems to be influenced by the West. There was a time when we all used to celebrate festivals like Holi and Diwali with great enthusiasm and zeal, but now it is Christmas and Halloween that we look forward to. Perhaps there is no aspect of our lives that is yet to be touched or influenced by the Western culture. I personally have no problem with Indians embracing the culture of another place, but the thing is, in this process, we are forgetting the values and culture that our ancestors have followed for the past thousands of years. People have developed a notion that everything that is done in the West is hip and all the things that we have believed in since times immemorial do not make any sense. Also, I do not believe that there is a right or wrong culture to follow. What we need to do is get back to our own values and beliefs and respect others.

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