Is hair loss reversible?

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Is hair loss reversible?

 What could be more beautiful than a thick hairline?

When a baby is born, some would have thick hair whereas some babies would have scanty or no hair at all, this itself shows that the growing of hair is hereditary and decided by the hormones in the body.   


  It is disheartening to see cancer patients losing hair due to chemotherapy and once the treatment is over and they are completely cured, it grows back better than before, that’s the miracle of nature.


  A relative of mine had a lovely long thick black hair and when she was infected with TB, she lost her hair and even after the infection was cleared, it did not re-grow. But when I had TB, there was no hair loss for me. So, it varies with the individual and the way they maintain their hair.


  But of course, with proper hair care and diet, even baldness can be treated effectively provided the person is lucky, as there are cases where the hair re-growth could probably be irreversible.


Some tips to reverse back hair growth

1. Keep the scalp clean by washing the hair regularly. Weekly once or when time permits we can go for an oil bath with a mixture of coconut oil, gingelly oil and castor oil along with onion juice.


2. Combat the stress and strain from the mind and body by participating in recreation activities, meeting good friends and family, etc. To calm the mind, meditation is an excellent option.


3. Be fit and healthy. Sleep well. Take healthy foods that are rich in protein, vitamins, etc.


   Be positive and have good thoughts that the hair would definitely re-grow, and one day it will grow. If it doesn’t, it is okay, as accepting one’s plus and minus makes us a better individual.


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Yes it may take time but it will grow 

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