Is there any shampoo without chemical ingredients?

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I had been looking for various products which can help to regain my hair. I had been facing problems of excessive hair loss and dandruff. It is never healthy for the hair to use chemical-based products on them so it is better to use chemical-free shampoos or conditioners. There are times when I use home-based products but they cannot replace the benefits of a shampoo. 

I am really in need of a shampoo which is chemical free. I have researched and found out that Sodium Sulphate compounds are harmful to use on the hair. I found some shampoos which were alleged to contain chemical-free compounds but they we completely inaccurate information. 

Do you use organic shampoos or home-based equipment for your hair?

Please share your replacement for chemical based shampoos in the comment section below.

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Dear User,

Thank you for posting your query on our website. In today's times, there is a need for understanding what things are harmful to us and how can they be replaced with the natural ones. There practically is no product in the market today that does not contain some amount of chemicals. And somehow chemicals are also necessary to be used in order to speed up the results. But when it comes to one's hair as well as skin, over the time, usage of chemical products degenerates the glow and overall quality. So, we bring to you a few tried and tested methods in which you can make your hair manageable, break free, less frizzy and get the right nutrition. Here are some absolutely natural hair cleansers that can be used almost every day or according to your personal needs.  

#1. Acacia Concinna (Shikakai)

Shikakai is a unique hair cleanser that holds utmost importance from the times when Ayurvedic principles existed. Shikakai is one hair cleanser that does not remove the natural oils from the scalp or hair. It makes the strands bouncy, soft as well as shiny. Not only that, even the pH level of the scalp remains maintained and this natural ingredient does not leave any negative impact on your hair quality like how chemical products do.

#2. Soapnut Berries (Reetha)

Soapnut Berries are considered to be significant for hair health since the ancient times. They add shine to your hair along with volume and also act as a wonderful cleanser. It contains natural detergents. Reetha also acts as an antifungal ingredient along with being antibacterial that also helps in combating the problem of dandruff. For using it as a cleanser, you will have to make use of its powder.

#3. Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti)

Fuller’s Earth is suitable for all kinds of hair. It has a huge amount of minerals that help in absorbing the impurities present in your hair or on the scalp. Plus, fuller’s earth is also cool in nature so it is beneficial in treating several types of hair and scalp related issues. It proves very effective in increasing the shine of your hair, strengthening the hair shaft and rinsing the hair throughout.

#4. Aloe Vera

This natural ingredient is easily available in your home or the parks that are nearby your place. It is not only proved beneficial for skin health but also for hair health. The Aloe Vera extracts leave soothing effects on your scalp. Fresh Aloe Vera gel needs to be mixed with Bentonite and applied to the scalp as a paste for about 10 minutes. It works for all hair types and is the mildest wash for your hair.

#5. Chickpea Flour (Besan)

Due to the presence of saponins in chickpea flour, this natural ingredient has been used as a hair cleanser for ages. Saponins are natural detergents and they help clean the hair throughout. Also, the protein that is present in the same strengthen your hair from the inside. Using the same as a natural hair cleanser requires it to be mixed in Bentonite along with yogurt and made into a paste for applying to the hair. This combination works best for oily and normal hair.

We hope you will find the answer to what you have been looking for. Thank you for your query. We will be looking forward to more such interesting questions from your end.

Thanking You,

Team AskOpinion

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If you wish to have clean hair on a regular basis you will have to use shampoo on a regular basis. But, we are all aware of the kind of chemical composition that shampoos have and it will be impossible for us to have healthy hair if we continue to use them. We are for sure caught in a dilemma, and often find our self asking one question, regarding what is it that we can do to keep our hair clean and at the same time not harm them because of the harmful chemicals that are there in the shampoos.
There are shampoos that can help you to have a really clean hair and at the same time you will be able to have less impact of chemicals. One such shampoo is the Johnson’s baby shampoo that is meant for children and has fewer amounts of chemicals and will keep your hair clean without the negative impact of the chemicals. What you will also need to understand is the fact that there are various other options that you can use in case you wish to keep your hair clean without using shampoo. There are natural homemade remedies that are made with ayurvedic or even natural ingredients that help to keep the hair clean and healthy.
What you will need to keep in mind is the idea that no matter what, it will be impossible for us to keep our hair clean in case we choose not to use shampoo on a regular basis. Most of us do not have the time to create all these natural ingredients and to make sure that we keep track of the consumption and make them on a regular basis. You will after a point of time have to resort to using something that is ready made. And most ready made products have chemicals in them.
What you can do is to make it a point to use products that have low chemical contents and those that are ayurvedic in nature. There are many products that claim to be ayurvedic in nature and these tend to have fewer chemicals at times. What is important to do is to check the list of contents which is mentioned at the back of the product and if you observe carefully, you will be able to find the amount of chemicals you are applying on your hair and how compare products with each other on the basis of the chemical contents.
We need to keep our hair clean and no matter what it is going to be hard for us to do it without shampoos. If we choose to be a little more careful and we choose to make it possible for us make an effort to research about treatments and products that are natural then there is a possibility that we are going to be able to discover those products in the market that have less chemicals and that have less negative impact on our hair and yet manage to keep them clean.

Well, you can use products that are specifically made for babies so your hair and body absorbs the least amount of chemicals. However, I don't really know of any particular commercial products which are free from chemical ingredients. But, I can definitely recommend you some of the best and tried & tested homemade solutions that act as natural cleansers for your hair and also provide them with the needed shine and growth. Organic is creating that buzz all over the world. So, nothing can be better than adopting for something that is absolutely natural and easily available at your home.

Baking soda is your best friend for solving almost all kinds of problems. Apple cider vinegar is your next friend. And the best natural cleanser popular around the globe are three divine and herbal fruits - Indian Gooseberry, Soapnut along with Acacia Concinna. Rhassoul Clay mixed with argan oil and rose floral water is another best and traditional method. Bentonite clay is a soothing cleanser. And just in case you cannot find anything else, just go for Aloe Vera straight out from the plant. Or try fuller’s earth that doesn't just help in washing your hair but also gets rid of several hair related problems. Rice water, chickpea flour and black or green tea are some of the other herbal infusions or effective rinses you can use for your hair in place of chemical based shampoos as well as conditioners.

There is hardly a product today which does not have chemicals in it. From the toothpaste that we use right in the morning to the night cream we apply before sleeping, every product has chemicals in it. Are chemicals harmful? Of course, they are harmful. But why do we use chemical products? We use chemical products because they give us the effect we wish to have through the product. The effectiveness of a product increases with chemicals and the chemicals increase the shelf life of a product. Chemicals can be harmful if they are added in a large quantity.
However, people have become conscious of the content of the product that they use and that is why newer products have started flooding the market which claims to be chemical free. With the increase in awareness among the consumers brands have found a new strategy to sell their products by calling their products herbal and environment friendly. It is arguable to what extent these are true. Every product will have some chemicals in them to make it last longer and to protect it from reacting to different skin types. So, I would conclude that there are no shampoos without chemical ingredients.

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