Is it Safe to Exercise during Pregnancy?

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Is it Safe to Exercise during Pregnancy?

If you know of someone who is pregnant, or you're the one going through the eternal phase, listen to us. Don't let constipation, fatigue or cramps torment your life. Expectant mothers are always recommended to exercise even during pregnancy. And here is why you definitely should exercise during pregnancy.

All you need is a better guidance along with some precautions and the ideal workout during pregnancy would make you feel fresh and less tired throughout.

#1. Abdominal Gym Workout

You should actually work on strengthening those areas for a better pregnancy experience. Doing so only benefits and does not harm the developing baby. In fact, even your recovery period gets smoother and faster. A pregnant woman should, however, avoid intense exercises and go for a gentle belly breathing or pelvic tilts.

abdominal gym workout during pregnancy

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#2. Continue Running

If you have been a good runner before pregnancy, continue the habit. It is safer to keep running until you get into the labor period or as long as you feel right. If the body gives up on running, then just avoid. But if you can, go for it. Just don't compete with your previous accomplishment or achievements. Running will prevent leg cramps along with swelling in your ankles. Talk to a specialist and consult about your workout plan.

Running should continue before pregnancy

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#3. More Flexibility

It's only a myth that a pregnant woman may be more at risk of workout injuries. Injuries can happen to any one at any point in time. One just needs to be more cautious to avoid problems. Exercising only brings up your flexibility levels and also an increased range of movement. What you should avoid are the activities that might hurt you or affect your physical or internal health. This way, you aren't just getting flexible but also losing weight the healthier way and without affecting the child. 

Flexibility is more certain during pregnancy

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#4. Balance Workout

Just like any other person, a pregnant woman needs to sustain balance amongst all the exercises carried out. It is only after the fourth month that pregnancy makes exercising a little difficult. This is the period when your body can go unstable with the combination of wrong exercises. So, getting a perfect balance is the key when you workout during pregnancy. It keeps you energized, calm and fresh most of the time and will also help you have a sound sleep.

Maintain a balance of workouts during pregnancy

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#5. Too Much Workout Harmful For Baby?

Baby gets all the nutrients from his/ her mother's diet and health. If the mother isn't healthy or eating and drinking right, the baby is susceptible to injuries or weakness. Just remember to-be moms that healthy body and regular exercise will eventually give birth to an even healthier baby. So, don't be hesitant to exercise during pregnancy.

too much exercising depletes the baby's nutrients during pregnancy

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#6. Never exercised before? Not a problem.

Exercising is always beneficial whether you started it long back or you start it today. There's absolutely no harm. You might have spent your entire life even without visiting the gym once. But you would really not feel well sitting on a couch for the entire pregnancy period of nine months. Start now, start slow but start. Combat mood swings, fatigue and give birth to a beautiful and healthy baby.

Combat mood swings, fatigue during pregnancy

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#7. When To Stop?

Monitored workout during pregnancy is absolutely safe. However, you should know when to stop. Do not stress your emotional and physical state of mind. Do not, mark the words, do not ignore the symptoms of potentially dangerous situations. Stop if you witness vaginal bleeding, extreme headaches, excessive nausea or critical abdominal cramping.

Stop if you witness vaginal bleeding, during pregnancy

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Workout during pregnancy has shown visible improvements to lessen the undesired and serious mood swings. It not only keeps your body happy but also keeps you happy from within.

Liked what you just read? Want to share any personal experiences or opinions? Let us know through the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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