How to Manage Weight during Pregnancy?

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How to Manage Weight during Pregnancy?

Believe it or not, plus- size pregnancy can be quite harmful in various ways. Women often make the mistake of getting carried away with the cravings and limiting physical activities during pregnancy. By doing this, they only invite more health-related troubles and make their pregnancy more difficult.

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From pregnancy weight control diets to simple workout ideas, here are some ways to lose weight while pregnant and a guide on how to safely lose weight during pregnancy.

How Can Plus Size Pregnancy Be Harmful?

#1. A Higher Risk Of Diabetes

Pregnancy while being overweight can increase your risk of developing gestational diabetes. Not only will this have an impact on your future pregnancies as well, you might also have the chances of developing type 2 diabetes later.

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#2. A Difficult Pregnancy

Heartburns, back ache, and joint pains are quite common during pregnancy. However, these symptoms may only aggravate when you are having a plus size pregnancy.

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#3. Delivery Complications

An overweight pregnancy naturally implies a larger size of the baby, which ultimately leads to quite a difficult labor.

#4. A Risk For The Baby

Being overweight during pregnancy may be harmful to your child as well as the obesity and the risk of diabetes may get transmitted to the baby as well.

#5. It Takes Longer To Lose The Weight

Recovering from the pregnancy weight becomes easier when you have already controlled your weight. You might find it difficult to get back to your regular pounds when you do not manage your weight during pregnancy.

How To Lose Weight In Pregnancy

#1. Pregnancy Weight Control Diets

It is important for you to watch your food intake while you are pregnant. Make sure that you consume food that is rich in protein and fiber. Apples, yogurt, nuts, spinach, and scrambled eggs are something you can try for a better health and weight regulation during pregnancy.

#2. Simple Workout Routine

Giving up on the daily activities and simple workout routine is the most common mistake that women make during pregnancy. While you cannot take up vigorous exercise, a simple walk does no harm to you and will only help you avoid gaining weight.

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#3. Complex Carbs

While food items having simple starch only raise your insulin level, complex carbohydrates can actually come in handy while managing weight during pregnancy. Not only do the food items like brown rice and whole grain bread give you and the baby nutrition, it also keeps you from getting hungry again soon.

#5. Water Intake

Dehydration during pregnancy is something that women should avoid. A fair water intake will only help you curb your hunger between the meals and keep you satisfied for a longer period of time.

#6. Make The Best Out Of Cravings

While it is impossible for you to curb your food cravings during pregnancy, the best you can do is to intertwine that unhealthy craving with something healthy. For instance, a healthy cereal topped with scrumptious granola will give you the best of health and taste.

We would love to hear from you. Feel free to drop some more tips to lose weight during pregnancy. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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