How to be safe while exercising at the gym?

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How to be safe while exercising at the gym?

Regular exercise is important for perfect fitness.

But, a proper exercise program will regulate about the well – being or any problem of an individual. If one pushes very hard or uses wrong equipment or perform wrong exercises even a small thing such as exercising with the wrong type of shoes can also injure the person.

Thus, the most important safety tip is to start slow and proceed to develop at a steady speed and pace while learning the proper form of the exercise and while building endurance. While performing the exercise regularly, one can gain more strength, stamina, and skill and this will help the person to build up the intensity.

• Warm Up, Cool Down: Performing warm-up exercises such as low-level aerobic workout for 5 to 10 minutes is essential. The advantages of warm up exercises are: it helps to improve the blood flow, increase the muscle temperature, helps in increasing the breathing rate. All these will help the body to get adjusted to the high demands of the body while exercising. Similarly, every exercise session should end up with a cool down session following after moderate or intense exercise. This can be done by gradually reducing the pace of the exercise and allowing the heart rate and the breathing to come back to normal.

• Stretch: Stretching of the muscles before any intense workout is essential for any fitness routine. This will help the person to remain flexible. Stretching workout follows after the warm-up session and never try stretching the cold muscles as this might lead to injury. The tips for stretching are: one should perform stretching exercise slowly and gently, hold up each stretch for at least 30 seconds, avoid bouncing while stretching, relax while stretching and hold the stretch.

• Get the Right Gear: One should not buy any expensive dress or apparel for a workout, but one must have correct gear or equipment for the kind of activity chosen to perform. One should possess athletic shoes that are appropriate to the activity, clothing should be weather- appropriate, etc.

• Keep yourself hydrated: This is the most important tip for exercising at the gym. The good rule of thumb is to drink about 2 cups of water 15 minutes prior to exercise and another 2 cups after you cool down.

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