What factors motivate me to go to gym every day?

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What factors motivate me to go to gym every day?

I am a 36 years old woman and mother of two children. It has happened several times that people treat me like a college going student who is in her mid-20s. While traveling by state transport bus the bus conductor often asks me to show my college identity card so that he can charge only half the fare. I politely say that I am not a college student, please take the actual fare.

 I like the compliment and always want to look younger than I really am. But it is not easy to hide your age. One needs to lead a very disciplined life to stay fit both physically and mentally.

You can say that this is one of the factors that motivate me to go to gym every morning. But the most important factor is that the regular one hour exercise gives me immense energy to handle the stress level at work and at office. It helps me to concentrate on my work. I start my day at 5' O clock in the morning and go to bed at around 11' O clock in the night. But the impact of the stress never reflects on my face.

By going to gym, I can also avoid many age-related diseases such as arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, etc. The exercise also makes my digestive system strong. I can easily digest spicy foods with high carbohydrate but never allow myself to gain weight.

Moreover, I also like spending some time with my gym friends, inquiring about their well being while running on the treadmill and enjoy the flavor of green tea that I drink every day while returning at a canteen near the gym.

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