Is the Indian Intelligence Bureau Intelligent Enough?

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Is the Indian Intelligence Bureau Intelligent Enough?

Even we have stepped into the 21st century; we find that the hi-tech intelligence system of our country is unable to function as it is expected to do so. 

The Indian intelligence bureau is failing from 15 August 1947, the day we became independent. 

During 1948, when Pakistan-backed gunmen began their Kashmir invasion, our intelligence services were caught completely unaware, and only after the situation became grim, the army was able to backlash the intruders, but during the conflict, we lost a part of Kashmir to Pakistan, now known as Pak-occupied Kashmir (P.O.K).  Although in pen and paper P.O.K is shown as an integral part of India, yet the bitter truth is that it is a false claim.

Again in 1962, the intelligence services of India failed to know about China's illegal aggression in Arunachal Pradesh. As a result, China occupied a large area of Indian territory across the Macmillan line, constructed bridges, and roads, and after that, the Indo-China war broke out hardly five years after the historic Pancheel treaty was signed between the two nations.

The year 1965 also witnesses similar failures when Pakistan began their aggression from the Run-of-Kutch side in Gujarat, which led to the second Indo-Pak war.

Later, we have witnessed the failure of the Indian intelligence agencies such as the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), the Intelligence Bureau (IB) etc in each and every state of our country.

The roots of military disturbances in Punjab, could not by traced by them, which led to operation Bluestar in the Golden Temple premises in Amritsar to wipe out the militants under Jarnail Singh Bhindrewala. This intelligence failure, later proved very costly, when on 31st October 1984, the Prime Minister of India Mrs. Gandhi was mercilessly killed by her security guards, who claimed to 'avenge' the operation Bluestar. Although, the various intelligence agencies were aware that Mrs. Gandhi's life was in danger, yet they failed to protect her life.

Not only has our intelligence services failed miserably to curb militancy, it could do nothing when at Kathmandu-the Indian Airlines Plane was backed by Pakistan-backed militants, the Lashkar-E-Taiba, and it flew from Amritsar to Afganistan, leading to the loss of life of one innocent passenger and as a result six hard-core militants of Kashmir had to be released unconditionally.

Even after, so much development in the field of information and technology we witnessed several terrorist attacks in recent years.  The series of deadly terrorist attacks which took place in Mumbai in November 2008 shook the entire world, in which around 164 people were killed and 308 were wounded.

Regarding national security, our intelligence system is marked more by failure compared to success and it is a sad part of the reality. 

According to a survey of the National Security apparatus, the Indian intelligence system has shortcomings in managing the internal as well as the external security challenges. Appointment of the National Security Advisor (NSA) is empowered by executive order.

The NSA in our country has to work through the ministers of the National Security Council, which included members from the Home Ministry, External Affairs Ministry, Defence Ministry and Finance Ministry. Therefore, the NSA had neither in the past nor in the present has the space to act boldly or independently.

Then Vice President Hamid Ansari had set an history in 2010, by justifying accountability and transparency in intelligence management for the success of our intelligence system.

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