Latest UX Trending Principles to be Followed by Web Designers

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Latest UX Trending Principles to be Followed by Web Designers

The main motto of UX design is to meet the user demands and stand up to the mark. The way the user interacts with the websites is changing over the past due to the enhancements in UX design. To compete in the race of designing the user should know how to use the interface effectively.

1. Designing a Website

A website is a way lot more than just compilation of different web pages which enhances the user experience being channelized offline or online.

Like, if you are willing to purchase a ticket for a match then while getting it online, you will go through different web pages in the whole process. So, as a designer, your job is to design a website for such purchases while considering all such point of references. Hence it is obvious that the user may visit different web pages in order to get information about the venue of the match, about players and many other things about the event.

Therefore, it is important to understand the mindset of the user interacting through the webpage considering past experiences with such common sites.

As a web designer, it is important to understand the user experience basic units. As in today’s global world UX design is replacing UI-centric preferences, because of following reasons:

Evolving Website Templates. There are quiet evolving services in website templates like WP with high-quality templates, great frameworks.

More UI Patterns. There is an ease with the involvement of UI. The patterns made by UI make the use more simplified. Simplifications in the interface make the UX design more open to the user.

Keeping up with Mobiles. Today mobile phones are more preferred over desktops resulting in switching to mobile approach interface by the web designers. To make the interface compatible with multiple user contexts you should stick with the fundamentals of UX.

Following Good Web Approach

Removing unnecessary points. Eliminating unnecessary visuals or text from the page will contribute to better user flow and will help in the completion of the task faster resulting in a better experience. Keeping a check on user flow can help in removing such useless points from the page.

Working with Defaults. Regular checks can help. Previous criterions can give proper stats related to the response of users towards the webpage. Regular test and inspections of the design process will contribute towards great results. Conducting a test in order to make the experience better at the developer level before going live.

2. Personalizing the User Experience

The motive of personalization here refers to meeting with the demands of the user without them having to ask for it. This can include many things suggestion of related content or information and get notified of various related events.

Following Good Web Approach

Getting to know the user - To deal with different users, it is necessary for knowing them. Different related surveys and conducting interviews with users will reflect their preferences and behavior towards the design.

Considering every single detail - No useful information should be left out which is necessary or informational for research. Proper usability testing could help in achieving the design essentials and build the design map as you want.

Adding QA for betterment - During user login/signup, you can ask user feedback for the betterment of Design.

Using Preset rule for user interaction - You wanted to provide the user with greater results of design, so it's a good idea if you combine preset defined rule with the interactive methodology.

3. Greasing the website design with micro interactions: It is now the latest market trend to add little noise and animations on some objects of the design at the micro level in the design layout for more user interaction and extensibility. For example, while adding items in the shopping cart of any shopping site, you might have seen animation or heard low volume noise in addition. It is now a trend to add some different level of approach to the design that can draw user attention and thus helps in increasing the visitor count on that site. Such micro-level of interaction can be achieved at any screen size like mobiles, tablet, etc. In fact, at scroll level, you can add the interactive modal in the midst of two sections. The immediate response rate should not be less than 0.1 seconds otherwise then no connection could be established among the design components. You could make this gesture among your other website design as a universal that could help in the promotion of your business brand.

4. Independent Design approach for different sizes: You can build different layouts for designs with consistency maintained throughout. The user browsing experience can especially let the designer determine how the size completion task can be achieved. The power of UX design should be dominant, and the strategies should be cast accordingly. The responsive design is the best approach to be followed and thus can easily adjust the design of a website on any device. The scaling should be taken care, and the first plan should be executed with respect to the small screen. The UX designer should first incorporate all the components of web design in the screen size and then integrates the UX design feature. Thus, then it can help in figuring out which other feature can be removed, degraded and upgraded in order to achieve the success. The visuality of each element should be consistent throughout across all devices. The images to be attached should be flexible and cope up with the size. Don’t take any chance with what user see. Don’t neglect the user experience control gestures that can be different for devices.


It is very important the latest trends are to be integrated inside the web design that could ultimately provide a high level of User experience that can help in leveling up the website ranking. User experience is the key component that shouldn’t be neglected and should be kept upgrading as per the latest market trend for better functionality.

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