Make Your Invitations More Authentic By Using Traditional Marathi Wedding Cards Format

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India is huge country which is famous throughout the world for the diverse multiple culture it has. In India every state has a different culture and language. Weddings are the perfect place to explore this, as every culture has different and specific marriage rituals. Right from wedding cards to the ceremony everything is different for each culture.

Talking about culture, Maharashtrians are known to have a very strong culture, which can specially be witnessed at their weddings. The traditional Marathi marriages are replete with ancient rituals and cultural authenticity.

The wedding invitations for Marathi weddings likewise, have some religious invocations which may include a picture of their God or some religious verses from the scriptures, calling for bestowing blessings on the couple.

Important Aspects Of Marathi Wedding Cards Format

The wedding invitations can start with beautiful quotes and rhymes followed by the name of the parents of the bride or groom requesting the presence of the guest whose name is written next, to the marriage of their son or daughter. The name of the bride and the groom follows. The name of the parents of the bride or the groom whom the guest is not aware of is written underneath their child’s name.

The date and time followed by the venue comes next in Marathi Wedding Cards Format RSVP comes at the very end. The wedding invitations can also be more succinct. For example, just the name of the bride and the groom is mentioned who invite the guest for their wedding along with their parents. The names of the parents are not mentioned. Many wedding invitations have a detailed outline of the various ceremonies that are to be performed written on them.

Any religious line or verse can be followed after this either in Hindi or English. Some also prefer to add verses from poems to signify the sacredness of the marriage bond. An image of a traditional Marathi wedding can also be printed alongside the message to add more grace to the wedding Card.

There are many online portals where one can get a plethora of wedding invitation samples. These are designed by experts and are easily available. The demand for a modern yet traditional wedding invitation is high and the various wedding card designers have come up with many beautiful and elegant wedding invitations with unique wordings designed to impress the guests. So it is advisable that you browse and research online before ordering.

Author’s Bio: My name is Rahul and I am from Mumbai. I wanted my wedding invitation to be as perfect as possible. So I had given a specific Marathi wedding cards format to, they fulfilled my desire by designing an excellent card.

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