Popular chatting acronyms

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Popular chatting acronyms

Social media and instant messenger chats are incomplete without cool acronyms present in it. While some youngsters keep creating funky acronyms, others use the famous ones to do quick and easy chat with friends. Here are a few such popular chatting acronyms:

  1. 2nte/2moro - The creator of these acronyms for 'tonight/tomorrow' must be super lazy to have cut short/replaced every possible alphabet. However, these popular acronyms have now made almost everybody lazy.
  2. Ge/Gm - This is probably the quickest way to wish good evening/morning to chat friends.
  3. C Ya - While some secret chats may use this acronym for intense personal communication, its most common meaning is 'see you' at a later time.
  4. Brb - Do you also use this when you take a break and promise to be back in a moment?
  5. ILY - Now, confessing your love is a few words easier with this acronym.
  6. Btw - Did you understand what it means, by the way?
  7. Lol - This acronym truly 'laughs out louder'.
  8. Rofl - When something makes you laugh crazily, then 'rolling on the floor laughing' is a quick way to express yourself.
  9. Xoxo - These are hugs and kisses.
  10. Gr8 - If you already knew all these famous acronyms, then you are 'great', and if your parents also know these, then they are great too!
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