How to Overcome the Habit of Delaying, Dragging & Postponing Work?

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How to Overcome the Habit of Delaying, Dragging & Postponing Work?

Do you often delay your work for the future? Are you struggling with procrastination? While many consider it to be normal, it is essential to treat procrastination in time. Else, it could lead to serious negative repercussions on your life and health, affecting your well-being.

Here are some interesting techniques that can be adopted to beat procrastination before it turns into an evil nasty foe:

#1. Get Up From Your Seat And Move!

Before the list even begins, it is important to ensure that you get up and move to do your work. It is critical to engage in some or the other form of activity like jogging, walking or exercising to stay active and energetic throughout the day.

#2. Setting Reminders Could Be Helpful!

A lot of people complain that they do not procrastinate; rather the task quietly slips out of their mind. In such cases, one must adopt the habit of setting reminders. The constant notifications spread across a consistent time works like a snooze feature in the alarm clocks. It ensures that you do not forget to complete the task that has been assigned to you for that day.

#3. Prepare A ‘Task List’ To Follow

If you feel setting reminders is a field you are not comfortable with, try making a ‘to-do’ list for the day with a description of work that must be completed by the fall of the day. This way, your agendas for the day are mentioned, and you aim at achieving the goals set by you for that day.

#4. Become Accountable!

One of the best techniques to curb procrastination is by making yourself responsible for each day. You can do this by analyzing the work submitted for the day and announcing the day’s accomplishments on social media platforms.

 #5. Clear The Pending List!

One of the drawbacks of procrastination is that it relieves you from the stress today, but piles up the work for the future. This results in tremendous work pressure on those particular days. Thus, one can avoid this situation by developing a habit of clearing the pending list. This way the list grows short with time and less pressure is exerted on those specific days.

#6. Scheduling Slots Of Time

One of the most effective ways to beat procrastination is by scheduling time slots for certain tasks well in advance to ensure it is completed within the designed frame of time. This kind of planning helps in achieving tasks more efficiently.

#7. Work Less

One of the major reasons for procrastination at work is when we try to do too many things at once. We are humans at the end of the day and get worn out by over-loading ourselves with extra work. Hence, in such cases, it’s better to take up lesser amount of work and do justice to it, than stressing yourself with large chuck of files that may feature as pending.

#8. Create A ‘Motivation Buddy’

If you lack motivation at work, befriend someone who can fill the role of a ‘motivation-buddy’ in your life. Such that, whenever you fall behind, it can pull you out from the low phase by giving inspirational motivational speeches to boost your morale. Sometimes, that’s all one needs.

#9. Develop Healthy Sleep Patterns

To beat procrastination, one must understand the significance of waking up early and sleeping at night accordingly. Human body requires adequate hours of sleep to rest the mind and restore the strength in the body. The lack of the same would lead to lethargy, resulting in procrastination at work.

#10. Not Aim At Perfection

Perfection is an art not many masters in. Hence, one should not waste their time in delivering a perfect display of work. That is because the element of perfection is subject to individual choice. Thus, it leads to procrastination. Rather, the focus should be on making something real and awesome in order to ensure the work is submitted on time.

#11. Identify And Face Your Fears

Facing your fears is one of the most important techniques of dealing with procrastination. It not only exposes you to the elements that you dread the most but even compels you to explore the topic, eventually helping you in overcoming your fears. Once the fears vanish, procrastinations become a thing of the past!

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