Shopify vs WooCommerce what is better?

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Before being able to answer this question, we must be aware of important credentials.

Shopify is a paid platform. The starter pack is nearly $14 per month else unlimited. It includes hosting. No coupons and Discounts are available for this platform. Shopify offers nearly 70+ payment gateway options. More than 100+ add-ons and applications can be operated through Shopify. The con is that not much of customization is available. You have plenty of extensions to choose from in Shopify. The best thing about Shopify is that it is a platform easy to use. A person from the non-technical background can also use it comfortably. A good base of customer support team helps you through phone, mail, and live chat. The team helps you with knowledge repositories, tutorials, and forums.

Ranging from a reliable host performance to built-in analytics and smooth checkouts. Shopify offers everything that you need to grow and run your business. It offers you more than 2000 applications to ensure smooth management of your firm. Every application is reviewed and analyzed before it is presented to you. Shopify is one of the most widely used E-commerce store development platform.

Some basic benefits you get from Shopify:
1.Easy to setup and use.
2.Online store that is visually appealing
3.Inter-application integrations
4.Reliability and security
5.Loading speed is excellent
6.Marketing tools are powerful
7.Mobile responsiveness
8.Outstanding customer support

Further, the companies using Shopify are listed below:
Harper Wilde
Tropical sun
Tesla motors etc

Woocommerce is a free and an open source software. This is extremely favorable especially to small and medium scale businesses which are slowly budding into great ventures. You do not have to pay, the updates are also free of cost. All you have to do is to go to site and download the plugin within minutes. Woo-Commerce offers wide range of analytic tools that make it a top choice for E-commerce developers.

The platform is best suited to those users and managers who are interested in measuring the metrics of their website to improve sales. With WooCommerce you can also utilize other tools like social media to track down your customers and get the reports in real time. You receive the reports in a form of well-organized tables and graphs or charts. There are many companies using workday. You can opt for Magento, Big-commerce, Pinnacle cart etc.

Certain benefits of WooCommerce:
1.Vast customization options
2.Order management
3.Uses PHP and MySQL
4.Analytics made easy
5.Unlimited payment methods
6.Huge flexibility
7.It is very stable and secure
8.Minimum risk of investment
9.WooCom looks classy and professional
10.If you already use WordPress, you will find WooCom much familiar.

Companies using WooCommerce:
Awesome inventions
The spectator magazine shop
Worth point
BookRiot, etc.

Shopify and WooCommerce are the most basic and essential platforms to spur your business. Each one of them is a perfect solution and have multiple strengths.
It mostly depends upon your needs and skills, that which one suits you the best. Before adopting either one of them you must calculate your requirements and the options given by them. Look for the feature-rich, less expensive and better-looking platform.

However, when it comes to the pricing mechanism, Shopify offers a much clear vision and WooCommerce lacks it. Though it provides a Free of cost plugin, additional charges may apply as you proceed further.

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