Should India intervene in Balochistan?

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Should India intervene in Balochistan?

The issue of Balochistan has been hanging fire since 1947 since the time Pakistan annexed it against the wishes of its rulers at that time. Though some armed rebellion has been done by Baloch rebels since 1947, all of this has proven to be of little use until now.

Balochistan which has a rich resource of oil and gas has been illegally exploited by Pakistan, and its people who rebelled against Pakistan leadership have been crushed ruthlessly. Pakistan is perhaps the only country in the world to use fighter jets (F-16) against its people.

Should India Intervene?

The genocide carried by Pakistan in Balochistan has crossed all limits and world community too has started taking note of this aggression. It is in the backdrop of these allegations and the unnecessary intervention of Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir that provoked the Indian Government to intervene in this issue. 

The soft-hearted message by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 15th has been welcomed by Baloch people in general. India in a similar manner had also intervened in the East Pakistan conflict when Pakistan unable to control the Bengali people unleashed terror on them. This coupled with the attack on India by Pakistan in 1971 had provoked India to intervene, and this resulted in the creation of Independent nation of Bangladesh.

This time around too such a scenario is building up and with continuous support by Pakistan to terror outfits in Jammu and Kashmir might provoke India to the level that it will have to intervene in Balochistan and deliver justice to the oppressed community there.

Pakistan too got wary of this situation and posted the comments by Indian Prime Minister on this matter; the leadership in Pakistan has called Baloch rebels for dialogue. This is only a ploy to undermine the effect of positive statement which Narendra Modi has given for Baloch people.

Though the situation might calm down for now as Pakistan has called up the Indian Foreign Secretary for talks the issue of interference by Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir is a reality and this could in all probability lead to Balochistan getting independent with some moral support from India.

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