Singing sensation George Michael is no more!

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Singing sensation George Michael is no more!

“So I am never going to dance again the way I danced with you”; if you remember the song, you've lived a golden era.

The lyrics are of the song “Careless Whisper” sung by George Michael. George Michael was a name that mattered more than his music. He recently said goodbye to the world in his sleep over the Christmas period, at 53.

George had been known to the world not only for his music but also, for his unapologetic attitude, his generosity and for being joyously gay. Yes, joyously gay! His music videos were the reality to the world representing his sexuality. Remember those rolling eyes, wearing lipsticks, extremely sexual appeal and that throwing back of his head in sheer joy?

He was known for his skills of telling the world what it was not ready to hear. It came as a shock when he came out with his sexuality and then didn’t turn it back. Why would he? We all have sexual and emotional needs. He was a gay and was an unapologetic one.

Why being different should be a shame? Most of us take time to come out and express being homosexual to our family and seeing them not accept the truth; they get busy in convincing them they aren’t. George was not one of them.

He left the world with the best Christmas song and his most generous deeds. Post his demise people tweeted his generosity on Twitter.

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