The effect of Brexit on france and germany

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With Britain deciding to exit from EU, challenges are bound to increase for not only Britain but also France and other European countries. The effects on Britain and France will be detrimental, in particular. Below we list some of the effects which Brexit will have on these two nations.

Effect on France

The exit from EU is likely to send shockwaves throughout the main political arena in France and the National Front Party is likely to boost its performance owing to its support for Brexit. Its leader Le Pen has pointed out that France has been a part of Schengen passport-free zone and it has faced severe strain in recent years owing to this.

Effect on Germany

German leaders seem more confident in comparison to France that their nation can tolerate any kind of financial embargo that might result owing to its decision to exit from EU. The effect of Brexit on Germany reflects in its worries on the anti-EU sentiments in its neighboring countries as Netherlands and France.

Germany has seen numerous crisis in recent times including the global financial embargo, the refugee crisis and the problems in Ukraine. Brexit comes at a time when Germany is still battling these problems. Yet, the leadership is confident that they can rise from this challenge.

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