The powerful gun lobby in USA

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The powerful gun lobby in USA

The gun lobby is so powerful in the USA that even Obama wept at a press conference which was held after a mass shooting incident in the United States of America.

There have been many mass shooting events in the country and the President has not been able to contain these or bring any reform in US gun ownership rules.

The reason for this ineffectiveness on part of the government in United States of America is that the National Rifle Association which is often blamed for these incidents is a strong lobbying organization and has access to resources and has a wide grass root base.

It is an old organization and was found in 1871 after the Civil War ended in United States of America. National Rifle Association or NRA as it is popularly called wields a strong influence in politics of United States of America as it funds election campaign of many probable candidates. This gives it a strong platform to express its views and bring changes in laws which concern the citizens of United States of America.

NRA views gun culture as a symbol of traditional values of freedom and independence. This ideology has passed down the generations and has given rise to complex issue of gun culture which sometimes takes a fatal route.

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