Is USA the most powerful country of the world?

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Is USA the most powerful country of the world?

Is the USA the most powerful country in the world? It is a difficult question to answer at this juncture where the United States has been facing tremendous problems. Renewed economic worries are haunting this nation badly, and many people have raised some serious questions about the age-old American supremacy. 

What is the real fact? Is the USA still dominating the world? Recent studies show that Americans ranked 11th regarding happiness and 24th when it comes to economic stability.

Most powerful military in the world

Despite all these disadvantages, no country could manage to take the position of the US as the superpower of the world. The United States has been spending 560 billion dollars a year for its military requirements, and it has the most powerful military in the world.

GDP and FDI – The USA still stands tall

This country’s GDP (16 trillion dollars) is the best in the world, and it is not facing any competition as far as FDI is concerned. The USA is also the greatest soft power in the world and this nation still receives around 1 million immigrants every year.

The USA dominates in diverse fields

The world capital of technology is still known as Silicon Valley and, the facts and figures reassert this assumption without a shadow of the doubt. What about finance? Everybody wants to hear from the Wall Street when there is a financial problem, and for movies, Hollywood is the ultimate destination. When it comes to higher education, around 15 best universities in the world out of 20 are located in the United States.

Strategic positioning of the USA

How did the United States maintain this supremacy? Earlier, traditional European powers like Britain and France were dominating the world, but the US rose to prominence by surpassing these countries during the latter half of the last century. You can find many countries with vast natural resources and population than the US and they include Russia, China, and Brazil. How did the US manage to overcome all these countries? The simple answer is its Geography. 

The power of the USA accounts for its control over the most used trade routes in the world known as Pacific and Atlantic oceans. This strategic positioning offers the USA natural geographic advantages over any other nation in the world. The American supremacy is going to last at least for a few decades and only time will tell whether another country is going to take over the existing power of the Americans in the future.

Yes. The US still dominates the world.

Yes, among the developed countries US still stands on the top.

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